Another Reason to hate NAAFA

News flash- Reuters 3-12-02 Obesity harder on health than smoking.

A UCLA/ RAND study found that obesity raises the cost of healthcare by 36% and medication costs by 77%. Smoking and drinking lead to a more modest 21% and 28%. The study on a 10,000 adult survey found that obese people have 30-50 percent more chronic medical problem than smokers or problem drinkers. In terms of dollar amounts, the study found that obesity raised healthcare costs by an average of $395 with smoking by $230 and heavy drinking at $150.

I was wondering when someone was going to post this. I heard this on the news last week. Very alarming. I wonder if this has been posted on NAAFA, yet?

Interesting. In the Review of Literature for the study I’m about to do (see the thread, “Help with Survey Questions”), I looked into a lot of stuff along these lines. How about these ones: Obesity and physical inactivity account for 9.4% percent of all U.S. healthcare expenditures (it’s a shame we can’t dedicate more money to curing serious problems that AREN’T easily prevented, like cancer, world hunger, SIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, etc., etc., etc.). Approximately 300,000 Americans die each year from obesity related causes. The number of sudden cardiac deaths in adolescents and young adults reported increased by 10% from 1989 to 1996 (scary to think that teenagers are so morbidly obese that they’re actually dying, isn’t it?). The rest are just your ordinary “America is fat” (actually, 57% more fat than in 1991) statistics. Also, obesity among chldren ages 6-17 has doubled since 1970. Too bad there aren’t more T-Men and T-Vixens out there, eh?

I posted it…But I will be shocked if it makes it to the board, they have it in for me for trying to make some discussion points over there…According to NAAFA being obese has no impact on insurance costs and it is just another form of fat people discrimination and another method to make skinny people discriminate against fat people…I just can’t understand the “I’m fat, I know it, and I don’t care” attitiude they have. When I debate it my posts never make the board.

Dont bother posting on the Fattie site (NAAFA) I have been spending some time over there trying to understand those lumps, and it seems that they dont want to try. NAAFA is a site for slobs that have given up trying to be in-shape and healthy and want to be accepted for the pigs they are. Fine with me, it’s good comedy… Actually I posted on ther a few times and both posts were removed. :frowning: I say we take a collection and send some doughnuts.

They have a thread going on where several of them think guys who like thin women are pedophiles. Really!

Yeah, I checked out the thread about slim women. This fat mountain of a woman goes on to say that in addition to the majority of men liking women that are Waife/like we also like their pubic areas shaved, just like a litle girl. Um Hello! slob woman, we do like our women shaved clean or neatly trimmed, and I doubt anyone here (I hope not ) thinks of a “little girl” because of this. I think shaving the area is a good thing as it just makes for a more inviting, cleaner enviroment. Plus our women can actually reach the area to shave it, and I like to see what I am eating! I wanted to post this, but as you would guess, I have been banned. Leave them to their fat miserable lives, let them live in denial, and make excuses for why society as a whole shuns them.

Folks, I’ve been over at the NAAFA site several times, and I’ve posted quite a few times there as well. NEVER have I had a post denied. Basically I’m looking at this as a covert operation. Infiltrate, lull them into security, and slowly change attitudes. It’s going to be a long process. There’s a lot of people there who really don’t accept the “It’s okay to be fat” mantra. They will be tho ones to win over. As these people come over and see results, more will come over as well. Eventaully the NAAFA movement will lose. Don’t go in there and storm the place, trying to win them over with “God you’re fat, disgusting, so do what I do” type of stance. That will naturally bring resistance. It’s going to take time, but it will be worth it.

I think we should all remember that one of our biggest tests in life is not juding people we don’t understand. I mean those fat asses aren’t over here telling me to quit taking A.S. and trying to make me fat. Get used to it Epicurians are back in style. Judging someone is as big a sin as the gluttony they express.
Good post though Amazing

I HAD to look at that site… for about 5 minutes…just clicked on something about weight loss drugs… (thinking, that these people might actually be thinking about other alternatives to loosing weight, not a bad thing actually) but to my big surprize is that their doing their best to BAN them, to educate the fat publc how bad they are for your health… very ironic… i looked for a topic based on how twinkies are bad for you, but didn’t find any… but dammit… i’m for sure not takin Xenical now after reading that !!… man, that’s got to be the funniest site, but at the same time royally piss me off…

Brider, I saw one of your posts and I thought about changing my strategy and creating a false persona of an overweight person who is trying to lose weight because I am tired of trying to gain acceptance and lull them in that way, and over a period of time start talking about how great it is to be thin and all the good things that come with it. I am not sure if anyone remembers the Eddie Murphy SNL skit where he became “white” with makeup and the guy in the store gives him a free paper and on the train when the black guy leaves they start having a big party, very funny stuff. I would just do it as a skinny person, getting perks…Then they might wise up. You can’t discriminate against things that can be changed and that is what they don’t get. Fat discrimination isn’t valid because it is fixable. If I went for a job interview at a conservative professional company in shorts, tank top and sandals, do you think I have a shot at the job….No Way! Is it dress discrimination? No. It is called conforming to the standards of society. And as far as liking little girls being the reason men like skinny women who shave….Wow, the fat is impairing their thought process. How about because they are hot! There is a universal ideal of beauty and fat doesn’t cut it. Did you see the post about the fact you can be fit and fat, just because you are fit doesn’t mean you have to be skinny? Well, why be fit if you look like crap. It’s like TC says, “it is really all about looking good naked.”

Yeah, I’m gettin gin there, but I didn’t create a different personna. I’m just not referring to my body type. Just making some comments on various threads, getting them used to seeing my handle and slowly accepting me. I made a post in that “shaving=pedophile” thread. That was just hilarious. So what about those that shave THEMSELVES?!?! I just don’t see where the relevance of that thread came from, but oh well. Anyway, as for the “you can be fit and fat” thing, well, it depends on your definition of “fit.” In the BB world, it includes VERY low body fat, high strength, and high muscle mass. In marathon running, it includes very low body fat, but also very low muscle mass. These people ARE very fit, by the requirements of their sport. However, there is only one elite woman marathoner that I’d care to see naked. The rest just don’t do anything for me. So the “looking good nekkid” thing isn’t the total definition of “fit”, but it’s a good working definition for me.