Another Rap Request Thread

But here’s the difference - I’m fairly well versed in the rap and hip-hop world. I need good beats. Please, please, please, no G-Unit, 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil’ John, etc. or any of that club-bangin’ bullshit.

In this vein:

(^ First song only.)

I mean, those are a few examples. I’m very familiar with most “backpack rap” and undergroundish hip-hop as most would have it, (Little Brother, Murs, Kaze, 9th Wonder, Kenn Starr, Gang Starr, Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, etc etc etc) and am more looking for larger artists with good beats I may have overlooked. Obviously I’ve heard 2001, Doggystyle, The Infamous, all the classics. Don’t insult my intelligence. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently been investing into some mixtapes from more well-known artists, and actually have actually found some decent shit - which sparred the creation of this thread.

I don’t care if it’s hard, laid-back, old-school, new-school; whatever. If it has potential to be on MTV, I probably wouldn’t like it.

Thanks in advance.

Dilated Peoples

Esham Goth-Hop

Some Ohio Love My Boy (much love to the dude)

Chip Tha Ripper

my boy kid cudi ( blowin up) and chip the ripperrrr

Bun B - You’re Everything feat Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG

Don’t know if you heard this song, but I’m pretty sure you have… Just throwing it out there.

so you want songs with good beats? mmmm k

Gucci Mane feat Oj Da Juiceman - GOOD NIGHT!

Bun B ft. Middle Fingaz - Retaliation Is A Must:

ABN(Z-Ro & Trae) - Who’s The Man:

U.S.D.A./The Shield Gang - Too High ft. Boo:

Bun B & Middle Fingaz - Ain’t Nothin Fuckin Wit Texas:

Lil Keke Ft Scarface - Im A G Remix:

Big Tuck - I’m A Monsta:

I realize most of these are Texas rap…but these songs were off the top of my head as compared to the examples you posted.

Ratatat- these guys make some good beats, and have 2 remix albums with vocals from popular rap songs here’s an example (rapping from Memphis Bleek):

Dizzee Rascal has some good stripped down beats (mainly on his first two albums, but he’s still good):

You probably know this one but if not, Clipse’s Ride Around Shining:

shakey dog, apollo kids, mighty healthy-ghostface killa
anything off of “only built 4 cuban linx”-raekwon
you never knew,-hieroglyphics
sum of us, quality control-jurassic 5
get down, halftime-nas
otha fish, she said-pharcyde
anything by the roots

Also, Cy Fyre makes some good beats, here’s a mixtape he made with Kanye West songs:[2009][Explicit]

Would’ve posted his version of ‘Get Em High’ but I can’t find it on youtube.

SSC, we’re michigan cats…you gotta go w/ elzhi…he’s got some rare shit before he blew up.

elzhi-not born to lose

some classic shit…mc eiht - straight up menace

remember this one?

evidence off his mixtape…dope beat - celeb reality

wale - w.a.l.e.d.a.n.c.e.

wale - warwick avenue

Rick Ross album has alot of bangers on there.

All of Outkast’s old albums…atliens, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, aquemini

All of Big L’s albums

Old three 6 mafia albums, project pat, lord infamous, etc…

Pharoah Monch - internal affairs, pretty much everything he does

newer stuff

I’ll admit I haven’t been listening to much rap lately…

kid cudi’s mixtape was good…

Drake is good

B.o.B. is another new guy

joe budden, joel ortiz, royce da 5’9" and crooked i started a group called slaughter house…

[quote]D Public wrote:

Drake is good


You like his album or you heard mixtape stuff?

I kept hearing all this hype, but then out of 15 songs I only liked one that “best I ever had”… is there something I’m missing?

i guess people like Evidence

Styles over Alchemist

Styles over Byrdgang

Chingo Bling

Nice, good lookin’ guys. There’s definitely some quality stuff here.

Rock - You seem like someone who’d like Brotha Lynch Hung. Ever heard?

Kid Cudi is great, kills me that its taken him this long to blow up like he is. Been waiting for ‘Man on the Moon’ forever it seems.

Kid Cudi w/Consequence - Buggin Out 09

Whoever mentioned Slaughterhouse:

the sample for this is siiiiiiick.

From what I hear… this guy’s got more soul than a sock with a hole.