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Another Racist White Lady on the London Bus


LOL she's much too fat to try that tarzan move.


Your link isn't showing up.

Is this it?


LMAO... That is funny.


belligerent people - making hits on youtube since 2005


That is more drunk and fat than racist.

Still funny.


A big white box in front of a black background.

Even the internet is an asshole.


belligerent people - making hits on youtube since 2005


now see, she attacked him and he defended himself. That's what that wimpy kid on the other video should have done.


It looks like he took notes from Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito


LOL @ black guys with English accents.


I agree. Watching her getting pushed off the bus is priceless.

There is another youtube video of this titled 'Black Man Attacks Racist White Woman on London Bus.' Troll title. The guy was defending himself, not attacking.


I don't think he even pushed her off just that he was trying to keep her at arms length and the doors popped open. lol

Crazy woman.


x2 hilarious every time.


really made it difficult to accept Riddick Bowe as heavyweight champion, even though he was a Jamaican. That english accent made him absolutely harmless sounding. Now if he was speaking patois that would be different. But he wasn't. LOL



Dude, that's the funniest thing you've ever said here. Probably one of the funniest things I've ever read on the internet!


dwarfs smell like cookies.


Stand near the exit for a moment, big guy.


Pip Pip, cheerio! A Bugger day to knocker me boxers on Rocky!


All I really want to know is did she start rolling in ball form down the street after he pushed her out?


She hit the ground and pancaked most likely.