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Another Q for Joel

Hey Joel, sorry, I got another Q for ya. I jut reread your article and notcied something I missed before, it said that I should be at 12% or less bodyfat before using this 5X5 protocol. I did the chest and arm day, then got my bf tested and it was at 16%. Should I change back to meltdown or fat to fire training for the rest of the week or should I stick with the 5X5 for the rest of the week, sorry I know I sound like a newbie, and it drives me nuts cause I am actually a Personal Trainer and should know this already. Thanks again

If you do well with lactic acid/growth hormone type programs, then now may be a good time to utilize such a program (above 12%)…but, by no means do you HAVE to do Meltdown or Fat to Fire…I apologize if I made it sound this way in the article…5x5 is for everybody…you’ll get good results with the program provided that your diet and HIIT cardio is taken care of. Let me know if you have any other questions, or you can always email me at maximizeyourefforts@hotmail.com