Another 'Program for a Girl' Question

The vocalist from one of my bands wants to start lifting weights with me only once a week, and do bodyweight exercises a few other days per week.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

weights day: deadlift, front squat, dumbbell military press, dumbbell bentover row. 3x10 to start with.

bodyweight days: leg training, pushups, pullups. Maybe inverted rows.

And hopefully after a few weeks of this she’ll decide that she wants to train with weights more often than just once a week. Does this look reasonable?

She’s young, lean and healthy. She deadlifted about 20 kg more than her bodyweight on the day I taught her to deadlift, and she’s got great front squat form.

Sounds great as long as she sticks to the workouts she doesn’t do with you.

Id personally wait till shes willing to put in 3 days a week. It will then be worth your effort and her time.

I don’t think that should be a problem.

I think she’ll either love it or hate it. Hopefully, she’ll love it, and increase her volume.

What are her goals for lifting? Depending on her goals, there may be a more effective set/rep scheme.

I think it’s a great plan. People need to be comfortable working with bodyweight. Try to give her a progressive bodyweight program so she can see progress and not just the same pushups and situps over and over…

Thanks, y’all. I’m hoping to get her addicted soon, things are headed that way so far.

She does plenty of pushups and situps already. I’m gradually introducing her to pistols, overhead squats with a broomstick, single-leg good mornings etc.

Her goals are - stay lean, retain a small waist, get stronger, and grow some width in the shoulders, lats, hips and thighs.