Another PR!!!!

This week was my second week on close grip decline bench press, i PR’d the first with with 190x3 and this week i PR’d with 195x3 and even had a small lil bit left in me. But it seems to work better for me when i leave a small bit in the tank. I also PR’d in my incline db press for reps, i did 35’s for 3x10. I’m finally get stronger, it’s taken WAY to long to figure out what kind of volume and frequency i should use. Best next week hoping to PR with pin presses 2 inches off my chest with atleast 175x3.

Wait a second. You can do 195X3 CLOSE grip on decline, but only do 35X10 on incline DB??

I guess I should ask how narrow your grip is?

The inside of my hands are on the edge of the smooth part of the bar. Is 35x10 on dumbells not good for my barbell lifts?

IMO, yes. I dunno, just doesn’t sound right.

I can’t give you an exact comparison because I’ve never maxed out on close grips, but right now I do them after my ME move and go 155 for 4 sets of 8. My grip is whole hand on smooth and its flat not decline, but still. Several months and 20 pounds go I was doing 80 for 5X5 on incline.

So I think soemthing is off.

Sounds like you have more in you than the 35’s for 10 to me. I was close gripping 245 for 5 on a flat bench a few months ago(not close gripping right now though) and right now I am doing 100 pound dumbells for 8 on the incline…when I was lifting at a gym that possessed heavier than 100 pound dumbells my set, rep, and load scheme for close grip and flat bench dumbbell press was about the same. However, if you are hitting close grip and then dumbbell press in the same session it may just be that your tri’s and delts are to weak and thus limiting your dumbbell press. For awhile when I would perform flat bench dumbbell press I, even though not seemingly fatigued, would just run out of juice. My tris were to fatigued to complete the sets.

I do my incline db presses after my max effort movement and i dont feel like i had much more in me, i maybe could have dont 40’s but not sure about that.

If you are attempting to train the chest on this day then prefatigueing the tris with close grip before hitting a primarily chest oriented movement is not a good idea. But I would personally stick with it for a good while to build on the triceps.
If your training split is push/pull and this is a chest/tri’s day then I would recommend experimenting with the pre-fatigue and post-fatigue method. CT ran an article on it this week in his Violent Variations column. Do your close gripping as normal, and then for chest superset incline press with incline flies. It will more thoroughly fatigue the pecs after your triceps run out of gas.

Sorry man but i’m not training to be a bodybuilding. I’m training westside style, which means trying to lift the most weight possible with bench, squat, and deadlift. I’m doing close grips because triceps are a very important muscle involved with bench pressing.

If you relatively new to westside I think that your DB press will improve alot as your work capacity increases. Eventually you won’t feel so sapped after your main movement.

Got another PR today guys, 175x3 on pin presses about 2 inches from my chest. I missed my last dynamic bench day because i had a couple tests i had to study for and i could really tell. Dynamic day helps alot more than u think it does untill you miss it. I also got 45x8 on incline db press, so thats getting better too.