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Another positive for Soy protein

This is getting confusing. To ingest soy, or to avoid it?!?!?!?!?!

A soy ingredient used extensively in supplements could hold the power to inhibit the growth of tumour cells, says Chinese biotech firm American Oriental Bioengineering, announcing new findings for soybean protein peptides.


I think what is interesting here is Chinese Biotech firm American Oriental Bioengineering.

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Let’s see, that makes 3 reasons to use soy and 6547 reasons to avoid it. Again, the negatives are still outweighing the positives in my opinion.

As an aside, if you cut your testicles off, it greatly reduces your chance of getting testicular cancer. So cutting your balls off has positive benefits too!!!

myxl, personally, I would DEFINITELY use soy (or anything else) if I found out I had a cancerous tumor. I think soy can be used therapeutically in some situations.

It just boils down to your goals. At this point in time, my goals are body comp goals, and soy is something I tend to avoid.

you don’t even have to ask. look, how many articles do you see posted every week in a fitness mag that say to use the smith machine? do you turn around and think, hmm, maybe the smith machine really is good for something other than hanging my towel on. NOOOOooooooo!!

don’t question yourself on this one. besides, the site is obviously driven by someone trying to make money. think about it!

id rather be a T-man with a tumor, than a little sissy boy without one.

p-dog, as always you add a touch of class :slight_smile:

If I were ever diagnosed with cancer, I would immediately drop my calories.

A 40-50% drop results in a major drop in growth hormone, which has been shown to feed cancer cells.

There was some research on mice that were put onto a calorie restricted diet after being given cancer by the researchers. The cancer cells quit progressing. Then the researchers introduced GH injections, which resulted in the cancer cells proliferating again.

Not human research, but anecdotal enough for me. I would post a link to the abstract, which is on nih.org, but my computer crashed BAD recently, and I lost everything.

Not sure if I would go soy or not, but I wouldn’t rule it out. T-mag has suggested keeping it under 25 grams a day, and I am pretty sure that you should get whatever cancer benefit just from that.

Green tea has also been shown to inhibit cancer cell proliferation, and so has a substance in broccoli sprouts. Broccoli also has it, but in much lower quantities.

Is it possible that a food could have both good and bad effects? Could a food both harm hormone balance in healthy humans and also inhibit cancer tumors in diseased humans? Of course! Smoking actually decreases the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Nothing is ALL good or ALL bad.

For preventing cancer, how about broccoli. Broccoli has potent cancer-cell-killing compounds (I think this is in vitro), AND it also has anti-estrogen compounds. The cancer-fighting compound in broccoli is active for quite a long time after ingestion, too.

Also, that company is apparently looking to develop cancer drugs inspired by isolated protein peptides in soy. Soy foods or simple supplements may not provide the same benefit.