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Another Police Beating Video


Basically the robbery suspect gets ownz0red by a car (no problem with that), but then is kicked a bunch of times when he is clearly motionless on the ground and subdued.

This one's a no-brainer. The TV newscaster said that the police officers acted in accordance with 'police procedures'. Maybe 'police procedures' are the problem after all?

This ticks me off a bit because I am currently in the running to become a Chicago Police Officer, and the way these officers handled this suspect is totally unnecessary.


Seven got fired, four indited, I think one got his judgment reversed.

I am sure you have seen the discussions on the boards, but Chicago Police are not getting a lot of love around here. Good luck, though, if that is what you want to do.


Don't let this put you off a career in law enforcement. Some cops are dicks, most aren't.

Remember that different units/stations have their own culture. Where I work we have 8 Sections, each made up of 10 cops and two shift supervisors (at least one sergeant). While we all work the same area, out of the same station, we do things quite differently. My section performs very well and yet we have the lowest use of force rate or complaints against Police. Same can't be said for the rest.

If you end up working with a group of bullies you'll either let that shit rub off on you or they will see you are different and you'll get transfered.

Don't be affraid to speak up if you think something isn't right. And don't ever lie to save someone elses career. They won't do the same for you.

Good luck with recruiting.

If you really want to serve the public, then you won't be sorry. If you're looking for cool stories and good benefits, then it's not for you.

BTW, there is no excuse for what happened in the video.


such a shame. I just got hired on a few days ago with CMPD. Looking deeply into their robbery division, what these guys in Houston just dealt with.


complete bullshit. complete, and utter bullshit. How on earth did they get off? Police procedure? wtf.


I can let the police car hitting the suspect slide (still a shitty thing to do) but the kicks to the face are uncalled for.

Just another day in the hood.


They teach you to kick a guy in the head/face while he's down while another cuffs him? I think EVERY cop power trips once in a while.


This shit happens all the time. I wish people would wake up before it is too late.


Oh, so you EVERY cop in the world then?


I'd beg to differ. When the Department take the position that the officers were "following procedure" in an attempt to defend this blatant assault, ALL cops become dicks. They become the enemy of good people everywhere. If there are indeed but a "few bad apples", why the hell won't all the alleged "good apples" cut the bad ones loose instead of defending them and covering up for them?

Anyway, to the OP don't worry. If you become a LEO in Chicago, at least no one can legally videotape you breaking the law while you kick the shit out of someone. It's illegal to do that in Illinois. I think they have to get some permission slip from you or authorized release.

Concerned citizen: "Excuse me officer O'Malley, could you take a brief moment from violating that suspect's rights so that you can sign this authorization form for me to film you in public committing this crime against our citizens?"

Whereupon Officer O'Malley's fellow "good apples" commence to the kick the shit out of concerned citizen and break his camera.


Now that's a gem. Really? Cops not lying for other cops? I must be watching too many movies. And I'd swear the article I just read had the PD defending the officers as using "procedure". Hmm.


Apparently they even feel the need to lie on internet forums about the wall of silence.


Bingo. They come across as really shady...especially if they even admit you can get kicked out of a division of cops because you won't "bully" everyone along with them.

Notice, he didn't say that the cops bullying would be dismissed or reprimanded...but that the one "good guy" will get transferred.

Yep, that sounds like a world full of great cops right there.

In truth, it sounds like very few good ones who never speak out against the bad ones in public for fear of repercussions.




Yeah I read that thread/news article. What a load of crock.


That is likely the case.

Watch Serpico, a movie about a cop speaking out about corruption. Based on true story.


They all fucking lie for each other. I've lived in and around the big cities most of my damn life and anyone from or familiar with the City has watched, first hand, the abuse and corruption that exists. In Philadelphia alone, they are getting indicted left and right - and that's just the guys that get caught. And they aren't getting caught because the "good apples" are dropping dime. I had an off duty cop working at our little poker room in Philly...and he was as corrupt as they come, and he was no mastermind - I'm sure he was just following the herd.


It is too late!


What did he do thebodyguard? I'm asking about crooked cop stories in case I'm not being clear.


Not true. The offending officer and the boss who supports him become the dicks.

I've worked for more than one department and have "dropped the dime" before, as have many. I'm not interested in defending someone elses stupidity at the risk of losing my job.

The reason for the good apples not getting rid of the bad apples is that there are bad apples at top too. You change a culture through new blood. Some PDs have never had a problem. Others have turned things around, while some aren't going a thing.

People are always saying dumb stuff like "I once knew this cop and he was a big baddy. Therefore every cop from every part of the cuntry is a big baddy too!"

Before I became a LEO I had a few run-ins with some asshole cops. Luckily for me I realised that, like any other job, you get good ones and the bad ones. I've been around long enough to know that the bad ones don't last very long.