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Another Planning First Cycle Thread

So I’m 26, 5’8 200lbs, and have been training seriously since I was 13-14 years old. Best lifts are Squat - 570, Deadlift - 600, Bench - 325. I feel like my gains have stalled a bit in the last few years despite putting in the same amount of effort into my training, and I feel like I’m ready to take the plunge after doing some research into AAS. I’d like to run a cycle similar to the one outlined in the Steroids for Newbies thread, looking like:

Wk 1-10: Test E or C - 250mg 2x/week, finasteride 5mg/d
Wk 1-12: arimidex .25mg/d,
Wk 3-10: hCG 250iu 3x/week
Wk 13: Clomid 50mg 2x/d
Wk 14-16: Clomid 25mg/d

Nolva on hand for 20mg/d if gyno symptoms occur. Obviously I’m being pretty conservative about side effects with all the ancillaries, as I’d like to minimize the chance of gyno, hair loss, and testicle shrinkage. What do you think?

Looks good.

I don’t think you need any critique. Looks well planned. You’ve researched and done your homework. Very refreshing!