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Another Penis Question

When ever my “unit” comes to attention, it always seems to prefer a one o’clock position instead of the straight ahead 12 position (that is, it points to my right side by about 10-15 degrees). Any of you T-dawgs have a similar situation?

I’ve been nicknamed “The Hook” because my penis curves to the left at the end. But the ladies love it. It hits the g-spot quite well.

Hmmm…so I guess this means Michael is right-handed and Nate Dogg is left-handed… hehe.

Good Lord Man. You in big MFing trouble. PLEASE get your surgeon right now…today…and have it cut off. The Bent Unit syndrome has gotten more people in trouble than the Big C. just ask Wicked Willie Clinton.

A lil curve is nice… this way it hits all walls.

mine shows 11’ clock left side,and the other problem is, left wall of my penis thinner than the right

I’m a hooker too!

11 o’clock for me too. Just like Dirty Mike said below, Paula Jones claimed she could identify Slick Willie’s b/c it had the distinct characteristic of being bent. Not sure if you should cut if off though - just use it correctly and you won’t have any girls coming back to get you.

I notice this too, I have a bend to the right, and even when I pee, if I’m not holding it, I can stand straight, and pee out past my right foot. If I don’t angle it toward the toilet, I would miss it far right! Is this shit serious, just too much whacking it? I think its from whacking it in the same way for so long because I noitice it kinda conforms to my hand.

A gradual bend is normal , but a localized bend could be Peyronies disease.I have a gradual up hook and a local bend to the right near the head , thanks to a malicious EX-girlfriend who grabbed him a little to vigorously , and now I can’t look at my erection without thinking about that sadistic wench!

Never thought I’d be talking about my penis on here, but here goes. I’ve got the one o’clock thing going on too like Michael. I read that this occurs because one side of the corpora cavernosa (the erectile tissue) grows faster than the other side. This causes the penis to bend towards the shorter side. There is also a much more severe condition called Peyronie’s. I never realized how common this “bending” thing was and was always a bit self-conscious about it. Never had any complaints though and as Nate Dogg said, it does help stimulate. Uh oh, next thing you know nate dogg’s gonna post a pic of his member. Then Jason Baran is going to tell us it is a side effect of impure breeding or something. Ha!

11 o’clock. No curve, just points that direction.

Shoot, mine curves so bad I always hit the urinal next to me. This tends to piss people off too, for some reason. Any two streamers in the crowd?

Cyclops looks to hang about 10 degrees to the left here.

Edge, I have the same problem when pissing. If I’m not holding my “wenus” when I piss, I actually have to turn myself to the right in order to make sure I get it in the toilet. Warrior, don’t worry I won’t be posting any pics of my cock and balls. Someone might say I’m not training it properly or something! Ha ha ha ha!

How do you guys handle pissing first thing in the morning? I don’t think I’ve been able to piss standing up for like 15 years, due to unpredictable aim. Sort of have to point the sucker straight down to hit the target.

I have a hard time not stepping on mine when i walk. I have to tape it to me ankle. Long live the Hog Leg!!!

Torque is when you get up in the morning to piss, and as you press your penis downward, your feet rise off the ground.

You guys bust me up! Goldberg, you’re a friggin’ nut–I love it. Nate Dogg, cock n’ ballz that’s classic Adam Sandler, my man. Anyway, ol’ one-eye hangs a slight Louie over here. Please no photos or links. I do think the corpus cavernosa explanation is most accountable…but for those who are less ambidextrous than others, it might be a trained thing. Regardless, I think you’ve got a better opportunity to hit the G-spot with a little kink in the hose.

I used to work in a bagel shop, where it was all guys, but one cute chick, she was 17, I was 19- like 3 years ago. I have that same bend in the dick as everyone else, but I never realized it. Anyway, after some flirting, I get this girl over to my house to get it on. She finishes 4 times, and ingests 3 protein shakes if you know what I mean- having a ball. So she leaves, and we both decide were gonna keep this a total secret. I show up at the bagel store the next morning, after she worked that night, and everyones smiling at me. I say whats the deal, and finally I get it out of them that she ratted. On one hand, I didn’t mind, cause I was I was everyones idol, cause I accomplished something no one else had. On the other hand, my friend says some shit like “so she says you have a bent dick” or somehting liek that. I said what???! So she said my dick is longer than her ex boyfriend, but his is fatter, and that my dick is bent, and she thought that was funny. Pissed me off, so I waited till we wokred together, and while she thought it was still on the DL, I asked matter of factly in front of everyone there. " um, jessica, how many knuckles did I get up your ass when we were 69 ing?" That leveled the playing field! LOL. Anyway, my oint is, I thought the bent dick thing was bas, I I’ve had at least 20 girls since then, and no one has rmarked on it. By the way, the thin dick thing was worse than saying its bent. Shit, anyone else have the thin dick thing? Its long, like 7 and change, but not too fat.