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Another PD post

I am slowly coming to love power drive, the first couple times I didnt get too much out of it, but I am slowly starting to love it, I get a good pumped up feeling, like when your cruising with the top down and Thunderstruck by ACDC comes on the radio, real excited and happy etc… what are the mechanisms begind this? is there any way to prolong this throughout the whole day?

As far as the mechanisms, I would suggest just reading about them. For a prolonged effect, you could try spilting up your dosage (if you don’t want to take more than what you are now) but the effect will probably be less pronounced. Or the obvious, take another dose.

Here’s some info: www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/233super.jsp

Also look up the old “Skeptic’s Power Drive Experience” by Brock.

Is there any harm than taking more than the reccomended dose? I take 2 before I workout w/some caffeine as directed in the Tau article, but how bout 2 before I workout and then 2 before I go out for the night? Will any harm come to me besides my wallet?

Try Power Drive with diet mountain dew (3oz.) and green tea(one bag heated in 3oz., lots of flavor hahaha)!!! Don’t knock it till you try it! It’s great, within fifteen minutes Im stomping on weights or opponents in the ring! If your a health nut try diet ginger ale which doesn’t mess with PH balances as much as diet mountain dew!!!

Pop = Evil
Diet Pop = Evil^2