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Another one...

Here it goes, http://axy.purger.com/axy . I am 27, 5 ft 11, 230 lbs in these pictures, fat as fuck and stronger than I have ever been. I decided to eat everything in sight by the end of the year and pack some serious meat before cutting. I was cutting most of the last year to end up being flabby 18x lbs. If you want to be lean, you need to have something under the hood to show later. Therefore, I do not care until Jan 1st 2003 what happens to my bf levels - in fact, I just ended 12 week bulking cycle and dropped calories a bit to shed some water and junk weight, but I stay at or above maintenance all the time. They already asked me about the smiley, it hides clear signs of virilization. :slight_smile:

You should have warned us about that 3rd one.

Yeah, noone else look at that third one… OUCH man you remind me of that dude from Silence of the Lambs. Im kinda freaked out by you dude.

Ummmmmmmm yeah I was wondering what you meant about the smiley. Dude you didn’t make it big enough I could still see something I didn’t want to see. :stuck_out_tongue:

next time whether its big or not… make the smiley face bigger… FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Nice Pokemon.

You need to take some better pictures. Really the only thing you can tell in those is that you are flexing your arms. What about your shoulder girth etc.?

You guys kill me. :slight_smile: Anyway, Pikachu is a really nice guy. :slight_smile: Unger, if it means anything, I have mid-shoulder circumference of 54". Yes, the pictures are very bad.

You’ve definitely made some outstanding progress. I remember your original pics from when you posted them several months ago; great job! BTW, I thought I remembered you saying that your forearms were a weak point in a previous post…they look damn good to me in those pics (way ahead of mine). Either you’ve been hitting them hard or you’re too hard on yourself. Overall, outstanding width in the upper body, although I’m not gonna touch/comment on that third pic with a ten-foot pole! Keep up the good work!

Axy it looks like you made improvement from the last pics. It doesn’t look like you are that fat. Keep up the good work

Eric, my forearms are still weak and small in circumference and compared to my huge torso and legs, but I have to work with what I got. I also have small arms, the picture does not show them accurately. They are so out of proportion compared to my lower body, my biggest and strongest part. Do not forget how much bodyfat I carry. I would not exactly say I am so much ahead of you in terms of progress, I am just attacking my goals from the different side: I want to pack as much muscle mass as possible and remain not-obese at the same time - you want quality mass without fat - it does not work for me, in order to gain muscle I simply have to get significantly fatter and that is it. Alternating short cutting and bulking cycles also does not work because I lose a lot of muscle mass cutting. Tough job for ex fattie like myself. Like I said, I cannot work with somebody else’s body, mine is all I have, so… I have to shut up and put up with it. ;-)I don’t have to tell you your progress is outstanding, do I? Anyway, we have similar backgrounds. I started at 275, ended up being 152 after 6 months of starvation diet, even ended up in the hospital like you for a few days, but not because of my extreme dieting - my health was excellent at the time otherwise (blood and urine tests, CT, RTG, ultrasound…). However, I felt like shit, looked like one. It was a year and a half ago, and then the neverending journey began… :slight_smile: