another one of my dumb questions

Quick question but is essentially very important. I have my gear and I just went and picked up a fresh box of needles. My question is that these are measured in ml rather than cc. So what is the conversion? Or where can I go to learn more on this. Sorry for this question, and no I am not starting any time soon. There is still too much knowledge I am lacking to inject just yet. Although, these vials are beginning to call out to me. Thanks guys

ml and cc are equivalent.

many moons ago i once asked the same question. a cc is equal to an ml. they are the same measurement. there is no conversion necessary.

I’m glad TenMan and Drago answered this for you because I’m sure the rest of us would NOT have. I’m gonna take a few deep breaths and try not to flame here.

You say you picked up your gear already, yet you don’t know the difference/similarity from a CC to a ML. So in essence, how did you plan your cycle and know the correct quantity to buy if you couldn’t calculate it properly with your lack of knowledge?? Hell, how the fuck did you know which size syringes to buy??

I suddenly came up with a new favorite quote:

“…Questions are not dumb. It is the person who is dumb for asking them…”

mass nutrition-

Why don’t you give the guy a break? He said he wasn’t ready for the gear at the end of his question for a reason-- so people like you wouldn’t blow smoke up his ass.

“You gotta get your cherry popped sometime”-- Lorenzo from Training Day


Yes, he did say he wasn’t ready to start using gear… so why the fuck did he go out and buy it?

Would you go for your driver’s licence before learning to drive? Would you buy a car and let it sit on your driveway YEARS before you got your licence? No, because the URGE is THERE to take a “test drive” and one is BOUND to fail either way.

Look, I was a newbie too at one time. I knew fuck all about fuck all. I came to this forum a few months ago but I had years of knowledge and experience before I came here. I learned ALOT on my own from research, manuals, references, and textbooks.

None of us are born “Schwarzeneggers” and we all need to start somewhere, I DO realize that. But if you read any of “orange juice’s” past posts, you can tell he is either VERY young, or VERY naive.

Thanks for the people who actually responded with valuable info. I never meant to piss off anyone with my questions. Just one comment, doesn’t it waste more of your time to come on here and talk down to people who may know less than you? Personally if something is dumb in my mind then I wouldn’t even waste my time with a response. Please forgive me for knowing less than you Mass, I never meant to step on toes. Honestly were you the kid who took names when the teacher was out? As for being young and naive, I am neither, I mean is knowing less and asking important questions naive? I would think just going balls out with no info would be naive. For your sake if you ever have children and they come to your for advice or an important question about life, let your wife or girlfriend answer his/her question, as I am sure you will just make them feel the same as you did me. As for the guys who actually took the time to give a helpfull response, you guys are the reason I keep coming back. I know that not everyone has there head up there ass. Thanks to you guys.

I didn’t think his question was that far off base. Measurements, conversions, and the like can be confusing as hell. I have a degree in Chemistry and still have to consult the conversion charts from time-to-time. I say give him a break, better to ask than be unsure…especially when squirting something inside of you!

quite honestly i get tired of answering the same questions sometimes. then i remember, i didnt know shit at one time either. and at that time i asked experienced guys for help. i remember how nice it was to get pointed in the right direction. even if it was them giving me places to find the answers myself.

Alright, alright, alright… Christ. I have never had such a guilt trip in my life. OJ, let me be a man and say I’m SORRY for coming down on you so hard.

I guess some of us here have different ways of getting their info. I personally am a “go-getter” and have always been strong-willed to do things myself. Alot of what I’ve learned was on my own, and alot of what I ask around here is just “icing on the cake” that I’ve already baked for myself.

I’m not a hard-ass OJ, ROFL. I owned my own business for years and had to deal with alot of ignorant people in the past. Or hell, maybe it was just the Tren talking. Regardless, keep asking questions you feel you need answered. I’d rather see you learn as much as you can here than jump into something blindly. Us “brothers” need to all stick together, newbies and vets alike. Good luck to you.

I don’t have a problem answering questions a la O.J. when they are asked so nicely and in a polite manner.

He asked for a pointer, he didn’t ask us to do his homework.

You’re okay in my book O.J.

Oh, and BTW…

the only reason why Drago is so “calm” and aiming to please is because he’s back “ON” ROFL. When he was in his “recovery” stage and “let’s try for a baby” stage, he was a mean mofo ROFL.

Wasn’t trying to guilt trip anyone, just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can on this subject. Books,post, etc are a great source of info, but there is nothing like learning first hand from someone has been there and done that rather than just spitting out facts and figures. You guys are all stand-up guys in my book, and I appreciate all the reply’s good and bad. Honestly I totally see your point about the repetative questions and I will do my best to not become a pest. Thanks to you all.

lol mass. its funny but true. my wife loves it when i am “on”. my mood, and sex drive improve. i am much more fun to be around versus when i am “off”. so much for roid rage huh.

Drago1, if you ever get busted just tell the cops “My wife makes me do it.”


lmao horse. thats a perfect excuse. what man wants a pissed off wife? i dont even like what steroids do to me. its all for her. i dont even like being big. i hate muscle!