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Another One Bites the Dust...

 Oct. 5 �?? Despite years of denying that she took steroids, Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones will plead guilty to lying to federal agents about steroid use on Friday. The BBC reports that Jones now admits that she used a steroid known as �??the clear�?? for two years starting in 1999. That makes it likely her 2000 Olympic medals will be taken away. In Sydney, the track and field athlete won three gold medals and two bronzes for events in the 100 meters, the 200, the 4x400 relay, the long jump and the 4x100 relay.

Rumors about Jones and steroids have been circulating for years. Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, who competed against Jones in the 2000 Summer Games, told The Age that even before the competition started there was speculation about it. It was fed by a change in her appearance and the fact that her husband at the time, C.J Hunter, tested positive.

Jones was involved with other people who were connected to steroid use. Trevor Graham and Charlie Francis coached her. Graham has trained a number of athletes who tested positive, and in 2006 the U.S. Olympic Committee banned him from its training facilities. Francis admitted to giving steroids to sprinter Ben Johnson.

In 2004, the International Olympic Committee started an investigation into possible steroid use by Jones based off claims by Victor Conte, head of BALCO. In an interview on ABC�??s �??20/20,�?? Conte said that he had personally given her five illegal performance enhancers, made by his company, around the time of the Sydney Games.

In 2006, Jone�??s �??A�?? sample tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO) at the USA Track and Field Championships. However, a test run on her �??B�?? sample turned up negative, clearing her from the suspicion of doping. The Washington Post reported on the story.

In a letter, parts of which showed up in a Washington Post article on Wednesday, Jones apologized to her family and friends for �??all of this [the drug use]. I am sorry for disappointing you all in so many ways.�?? She also said that Trevor Graham gave her the steroid, which she thought was flaxseed oil.

For lying to a federal agent she could face up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. However, the Post article said she expected no more than a six-month jail sentence. FLAX SEED OIL? LMFAO!!!!!!


Who cares? I was sort of happy to see that this hadn't been brought up yet on the forums since it was completely obvious in 2000 and it didn't matter then.


just thought some would get a kick out of what she said she thought she was taking..... hey maybe thats what they can tell the dea when they get busted... "THOUGHT IT WAS FLAX SEED OIL"....


She was a fucking idiot for admitting it. All she does now is give steroid users as a whole a bad name....


The facts is (and you wont hear anyone in the lamestream media mentioning this) is that she was coached to say and perform for the cameras to avoid the threats of heavy jailtime prosecutors were laying on her. She had to publicly express "remorse" as part of her deal.

She clearly has shitty legal representation who took the easy way out instead of fighting the charges. They let themselves be intimidated, no guts (unlike Greg Anderson, who needs a wheelbarrow to carry around his balls!)...I predict that now they have got her to perform, they will renig and still stick her with a little prison jolt as an example to others, mark my words...


Ya know, in my life I have discovered that anytime I think I did something that would get me in trouble, the best course of action is to keep my mouth shut. Or if I feel regret or bad about something or want something off my chest, I just shove those feelings down deeper into my soul and keep them there for all eternity.

And guess what? No criminal charges or public defamation here.....


You (at the risk of being "politically incorrect") are a man (and a level-headed one at that)...Those suit wearin' scumbag publicity-seeking career at-all-cost-ladder climbing prosecutors used her womanly nature against her, manipulating her emotions to get the desired result: her public humiliation and brownie points on their resumes for that high level job in Washington D.C.,

maybe a judgeship by the time they hit 40, built on the tears and ruined lives they created, persecuting non-violent AAS users, while the real criminals sell actual drug poisons to the masses, murder people with impunity, laugh at the cops & courts, and enjoy the high life on their narco-blood money...


Maybe I'm not following the whole story here, but did she admit to using steroids well after the fact? It's been something like seven years, yeah? Is she currently one trial for it, or is she just coming out for the hell of it so she'll feel morally better?


Yeah, this is funny. I think by default all athletes say they didn't know they were using AAS. I've heard "I thought it was a vitamin/mineral supplement" as well. Seriously.

"Wow, these B-vitamins kick ass! I just won the gold medal at the Olympics. Good thing the other guys don't know about these things." Though I'd imagine at some point a coach has actually drugged an athlete without him/her knowing about it. Didn't the dad of the really young muscular kid (Hercules?) put AAS in the kid's protein shakes?


i seen some thing about that kid but there was no way to prove his dad was realy doing this to him . but if you look at him you can tell he gave him something.