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Another One-Arm Snatch Lover

I tried these for the first time today, and I gotta say they rocked my world. I was only doing sets of three reps per side, but by the time I got up to doing 85 #s, I was breathing like I’d just run a couple miles!

If anyone hasn’t tried these yet, just do it!

I do them all the time. I was actually doing them yesterday in my backyard because my gym had already closed on a sunday. My little brothers friend saw me, and when I was done he asked “why were you throwing those weights up in the air like a psycho?”

Naive little children.

I do them every Wednesday for triples. But yesterday I decided to put them in a GPP circuit:

2 times through:

50 lb DB snatch 10 reps each hand
Farmers Walk 200 feet
15 Burpees

People always look at me funny and clear out of my way when I start doing these. Yesterday they looked as though I had confirmed their fears that I am indeed crazy.

The One-Arm Snatch is awesome. I have more fun when using Coach Davies’ Pull and Catch, though.

And it gets great looks and comments, so it’s a keeper.

I just started these a couple weeks back. First, I started as a warm up. Now that I’m using a little more weight, I am using them as either GPP or for a repition day.

I agree, 3-4 sets of 10 will leave you breathless and really feeling the work. Soon, I’ll incorporate these into a regular workout and add more weight.

Snatch. Good stuff.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
“why were you throwing those weights up in the air like a psycho?”[/quote]

kids see right through the bullsh!t. he hit the nail on the head with that description

i was doing 1 arm db snatches EDT style for a while at the direction of some insane guy. i won’t mention his name, but it starts with C and ends with harles Staley. oh what fun


I also love these. That insane guy also had me doing them EDT style and 5x5. So much for trying to keep a low profile as one of the few women in the free weight area. All the guys are curling and benching and there I am flinging a 40lb db around “Loooook at meeeee” :stuck_out_tongue: