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Another Noooooooobe

Hello all

yes another noobie. I was cruising the net looking for info on endothil-cr when i found this forum. Might I say outstanding info is what i found. So i did what any other smart person would do and i joined the team.

im 6’5" and 190lbs yes that is correct im a skinny bastard. hence the reason for joining the site.

I have been back to the jym for about three weeks and god does it feel great to be back.

Here comes the bullshit story of why i stopped visiting the church of iron in the first place. I was just to busy. Now im back and i have lost everything. it sucks to be back to square one.


Absorb EVERYTHING you can, ask ANY question, and hey chime in on others questions where you can help.

I suggest starting with Vroom’s "Are You A Beginner thread.

[quote]Phill wrote:
Absorb EVERYTHING you can, [/quote]

Oi that’s not ver Jeet Kune Do of you. Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless. I think that means absorb everything except the politics forum. Trust me, political intellectuals of the world are not spending their time in that one.

…Oh yeah and the standard reply, EAT EAT EAT.