Another Newbie with Blood Results

Hi and thanks for reading and any feedback.

Thought I had low T so did blood test (UK based) I know now after reading this forum that I should have had free test done too but too late.

Most stats fine except urea which was high probs as a result of too much protein.

Weight 77kg
Bf 16.5%
Reasonable build ie can tell I lift
But small hands and testicles hence why I thought low T.

Hormone results
Oesrtradiol 174pmol
Test 12.5 nmol (sorry don’t know US conversation can some tell me)

So based on guidelines given, test is in range but Oesrtradiol is too high.

Any advice?

360 ng/dL
It’s low. Not sure how low without the actual lab range.

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Cheer ranges

So, pretty low. E2 is stupid high, especially for that T level. You need to figure out why. Go see a doctor, you need a bunch of labs run. Do not just jump into TRT, Figure out that E2, you could have something a lot more serious going on.


Thanks been looking in to it and I apply a lot of cortisolsteriod to my psoriasis a few studies have show this can mess with hormones

You are estrogen dominant, testosterone should be higher in relation to estrogen, except testosterone is on the low end and estrogen on the higher end. You will need anastrozole to help control estrogen while on TRT.

UK policy statements on testosterone deficiency

<8 nmol/L is likely to benefit8‐12 nmol/L, Check FT. Consider 6‐month trial of therapy if symptoms troublesome and continue if substantial benefit. Prolactin if TT below 5.2 nmol/L, TT>12 nmol/L unlikely to benefit

Of course this notion that men above these levels can’t benefit from TRT, we know men can show improvement when scoring above these levels.

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Retested results.

Oesrtradiol now 119pmol
Test has fallen to 6.15nmol

Only difference since last test was stopped creatine and taking an over counter test booster lowered protein intake as kidneys figures were a bit rubbish. Took test fasted but hydrated at 10.30am. Everything else looks fine.

Any advice please? Thinking of 6w proviron and retesting