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Another New Supp on the Horizon?


Found in Nate Green's Q&A:

"And on my workout days I have a Spike Shooter, Surge Workout Recovery Fuel and another soon-to-be-released supplement."-11/28

Well seeing as he talks about Surge Workout Fuel openly in his thread. Could that mean that the release of Anaconda is on the horizon as well?

Just a thought that came across my mind. Would be awesome to have Surge Workout Fuel and Anaconda for winter break. (Can only hope.) :wink:


I mean he mentions some type of new supp that he is using that is going to be released soon. so i'm just assuming.


I would bet it is not Anaconda, as I don't see why a product like that would only be used on 'workout days.' It would probably have to be cycled, too, just like Alpha Male and 11-T need to be.


Anaconda will be a PH you do not need to cycle. for real man.


Good point on it being used on workout days. Well I guess we have another possible product that may be released soon to look out for then. Maybe it will give me justification to make another large order over winter break. : )


I wanted to say it is the topical fat loss product but Nate Green isn't exactly in need of a "cut."

I don't know. I hope I will be wowed with something truly unique like Z-12.


I thought Anaconda was supposed to be a non-hormonal muscle builder as opposed to another PH. Yet it would rival that of of a PH. eg. MAG-10


Z-12 is great but I only use it sparingly. So any wow product that comes out that I can use more often would be amazing. I can't wait to try out SURGE Workout Fuel after reading some of the people's on this forums experience with it.


Thought crossed my mind as well but your right he isn't in need of a cut. Neither am I so that works for me if it is something else. Even though it would be interesting to see results of a topical fat loss product.


Biotest needs to come out with another off the wall supplement like something for joint pain.

Or some nootropic blend.


I'm banking on a scrotal patch. I don't care what it does, I just want it.

I'm assuming Anaconda is the codename, or will that be its name when we're able to buy it? It's a pretty sweet name.


That doesn't mean he's not testing the product. He works for Testosterone now, which means he gets all the Biotest goodies and gets to test stuff.


Anaconda is a yet released supplement that is rumored to rival the gains of the dis-continued prohormone MAG-10 that Biotest developed.


I highly doubt that.


Good pickup. I went back to Nate's Q&A and from the same post you quoted he says, "Other than a few peri- and post- workout supplements that will be released VERY soon here on T-Nation...."

A FEW new supplements! We may be seeing a few new supplements very soon. Sounds like they're geared around the workout time period.

There were some hints given in the article Future of Steroids and Supplements An Interview with Chris Lockwood
and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss, Part 2.

Here's the link: https://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/future_of_steroids_and_supplements

Here's some teasers from the article.



Hasn't there been talk of Anaconda now for 3+ years?


I have been waiting for that creatine pyruvate. I want to experiment with pyruvate and lactic acid training.

And I bet I know what the 'active' for fat loss will be...I'm pretty sure, at least.


Probably. TC mentioned maybe 2 months ago that it was due out "real soon"........


Ah... thats the other quote that I saw that I was looking for. Thats what got me pumped the most but I couldn't find where he said that after I read the thread. I must have missed it being in the same post.hmm


Yeah. Maybe. But some of the mods on the forum have stated that they were having good results with it. So who knows.