Another New Guy -

this one wtih a bench press problem

I’m a skinny bastard who’s becoming an average bastard. Before I get to the bench press part first some basic info about me. I’m 32 years old, stand 178 cm and weighed 62,5 kilograms (~139 pounds) back in November when I started lifting weights and eating more (I’m now up to 69 kilos or ~153 pounds).

I’ve stayed at 62-63 kilos for over a decade in spite of working a desk job, not playing any sports and eating much more than any of the rounder members of my family - so it’s safe to say my metabolism is higher than average. My goal for this year is 80 kilos naked morning weight, then we’ll see…

I’m doing three total body sessions a week but (blasphemy!) no bench presses. I do deadlifts, squats, pullups, floor presses, bentover rows, shoulder presses and also learning cleans and snatches.

I broke my left collarbone a decade ago, the doctor who looked at it didn’t think there was any point in setting it so now it’s about 5 cm shorter than the right. It doesn’t generally bother me, the range of motion in my left shoulder is good, but it gets very sore very quickly doing full-range bench presses or pec flyes.

Keeping my elbows in doesn’t seem to help any. But floor presses seem OK. So my plan is to keep doing that and also keep doing shoulder work and see if maybe in a month I can bench press without pain. If not, I’ll stay on the floor.

Does that sound like a good plan? Should I be doing any other exercises to add what I’m missing by not doing full-ROM bench presses?

I eat seven times a day, typically:

7 - oatmeal with whole milk, nuts and honey
10 - some fruit pastries
12 - sausage or ham (often horse or venison or wild boar) and bread
15 - two cans of fish (usually tuna), bread or crackers
18 - meat or fish, vegetables (often including buckwheat gruel because I got 10 kilos from an uncle who grows it), beer
20 - same as before or maybe some eggs or canned fish but no beer
22 - oatmeal, milk and nuts again

I snack on fruit and occasionally pilfer milk from the coffee machine at work.

Btw, here’s picture of what I looked like in November.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.(in the sense that you know what needs to be done and your not on here looking for props for your 140lb body)Depending on what the portions of what your already eating is, don’t be afraid to eat more. Pasta, Rice, Fruits and Veggies are all your friends and will really make gaining weight easier…

I second the above you want more progress EAT MORE bro plain and simple you can afford to in a big way any mass will be good on your frame.

As for pressing can you do DB benching even limited ROM if need be go to where it doesnt hurt, Dips, push ups, id say experiment with different angles as well from decline to incline seeing if any of those dont cause disfcomfort many times even a simple angle change will help, as will grip try a neutral grip with DB’d

Good luck and keep rolling


as in Flicka ?

Thanks, y’all.

I’ll try some pressing variations and alternatives on Wednesday and will report how they work.

I know to Americans eating horse is like eating dog… most people around here don’t eat it either.

So like I promised earlier I tried a few pressing variations and found this:

DB bench presses with neutral grip - still lots of tension in left shoulder in the bottom position

incline presses - seem OK

dips - no problem

pushups - no problem at all, even with my hands up on blocks to extend the ROM

So for now I’ll continue to do DB floor presses one training session a week and do pushups for another.

Btw my weight hit 70 kilos yesterday. I guess that means I can officially call myself a middleweight now. Another couple of weeks and I’ll weigh more than my brother.

Thanks again for the advice.

Try throwing some protein shakes in there, chug one down when you wake up, with an afternoon snack and right before bed.

Also I like to have one during my session mixed with some Maltodextrin a little dextrose and BCAA Pre,During and Post workout.

Keep it up!