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Another Myth: Non-Support for Israel

Today (Sept. 21, 2016):

President Obama stated:

"The bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable,”; and that it it important to American national security “to make sure we have a safe and secure Israel.”

The agreement; signed a week ago; provides Israel with the largest single pledge of military assistance in U.S. history – $3.8 billion per year over a decade.

Netanyahu concurred with the president on the relationship between the two countries, saying that “Israel has no bigger friend than America, and America has no bigger friend than Israel.”

He told Mr. Obama his “influential voice will be heard for many decades,” and he welcomed him to try out the “terrific golf course” near his home…

The President certainly has had disagreements with Netanyahu…but he has never “spit-in-the-face” of Israel…or “thrown Her under the bus…”

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Well, he certainly has absurd double standards.

Yes, it can be a sign of strength for a relationship to be able to endure insults, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t insults.

I don’t see in the article where the President either “pushed” or “complained”…quite the contrary, in fact.

Breitbart exists for the purpose of ladling shit into the empty skulls of alt-right losers.


Obama or Netanyahu?

Do you believe that the latter never slighted the former?

Yes, because clearly that’s exactly what I said. I personally would characterize the Obama administrations handling of Israel baffling more than insulting. And contrary to the initial claims in this thread, there have been several times in this reign where we have been closer to a break with Israel than either is willing to publicly admit.

I don’t feel that there was a correlation between disagreements between the President and Netanyahu and our support of Israel.

It also seems that if there ever was a public “slight” or “insult”, it was when Netanyahu publicly spoke to the House (emphasis added) about his opposition to the Iran Deal.

I guess that depends on what you mean by support. There certainly have been plenty of slights over the years. While monetary support isn’t really related to the personal relationship, diplomatic support in negotiations and support in international politics certainly has been. It’s even compromised intelligence sharing at times.

A break? How would you define that? An end to the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel?

What are these several instances you write of?

Can you imagine the collective shit hemorrhage that PWI would have if President Obama spoke to the Knesset against a keystone of Netanyahu’s foreign policy?

Certainly parts of the special relationship were on the rocks at times. Times where unilateral action was taken or policy changed without the normal special notifications, est. Of course anytime you are dealing with this sort of a rift most of the disagreements are behind closed diplomatic doors so no one really knows how deep or serious problems are, but there are at least accounts that claim they were deeper than any sort of public statement from obama or netanyahu would ever indicate. From Iran, to settlements, to military action in Palestine, to diplomatic support in the UN, the US and Israel have not been as supportive of each other as in the past. And at least at times the customary special courtesies haven’t been followed.

Well Obama likes to say he is great with Israel. As he bad months the hell out of them.

What do the Israelis think of Obama? 63 percent see Obama as the worst president for Israel in over 30 years. Ok that is the end of that little talk. No Obama is far from pro Israel. Not a myth

In Mufasa’s defense, the title is “Another Myth: Non-support for Israel”. I don’t necessarily buy that Obama is pro-Israel either, but it’s hard to argue with the simple fact that the latest agreement is the largest single pledge of assistance in US history. That’s pretty supportive…

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As we $1.5 billion to nation that premises to destroy them and we have given the the green light for Iran to make nuclear weapons. SO long as they wait 10 years to do it. Iran has promised it will use its nuclear weapons on Israel as soon as it has them. And Obama has criticized Israel every time it has defended itself.

There is a reason that the people who know the facts the best. The Israelis despise Obama

The video is not the intellectuals of Israel. This is what the mainstream drunk kids think of him

And what does that video or what someone’s perceptions of the President supposed to prove?

I can talk to someone at a Trump rally and get the same hate and vitriol directed toward the President.

Look…I’m not into the “Heart and Mind’s” game.

People can think what they want to, and so will I.

The President has publically shown his support for Israel, and made it official with his pen.

Those are the facts.

“The President has publicly shown his support for Israel”

Sometimes. Sometimes not. Many times not in private. Sometimes he shows support for the people who are sworn to wipe all Jews off the earth.

And you think he wouldn’t if he had the oportunity?

I’m not touching the JCPOA or Iran with a ten foot PWI pole…

All I am saying is that a nearly $4B assistance package pretty much has to be considered support.


That is Obama’s program they own Obama no thanks for it