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another myostatin question

I apologize if this has already beeen addressed. Can mystatin be more active in specific area of the body? For instance in an earlier post a gentlemen claimed he had 25 in calves yet had significantly less growth throughout the rest of his body. Is it possible that myostatin is less abundant or less active in his calves? Basically, can myostatin activity or lack of activity be sight specific? Or does it not inhibit growth in this manner?

This is a great question and so far, it is not known whether or not myostatin is a systemic or local regulator. However, I have received an e-mail from one of the co-authors of the 1997 Nature paper on myostatin, and she says that myostatin acts as a systemic regulator but is not sure if that is its primary purpose.

It is a good question. I’ve also been wondering if, since I do not want an increase in waist size, I should simply not work abs (or at least not work them hard) while on Myostat. Likewise, if one’s extremeties are lacking, would it be beneficial to focus more on forearm and calf training while on?

Although this is all purely hypothetical at the moment, it would be really cool if it turned out that there was a site-specific use for Myostat. Bye bye imbalances…

I’m considering the DOMS factor, and the, resulting satellite cell activity. They promise that the heart will not be affected.