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Another 'My Legs are Too Big' Thread


It's been at least two weeks since one of these threads has popped up, so I though one was overdue.

Now, I'll admit most of the problems cause by larger legs are pretty easy to solve. For instance:

Problem: My pants don't fit, What should I do? Waah.
Solution: Buy a belt and some bigger pants. Problem solved.

Problem: My legs rub together when I walk, what should I do? Waah.
Solution: Buy some underarmor. Or better yet, don't walk, since walking is catabolic anyway. Problem Solved.

But what about this one?

Problem: My legs are alway pressing against each other and as a result, my nutsack and nether-region sweat continually and never get a chance to breathe.
Solution: ???

Short of wearing nothing but a thong and walking around like I just got off a horse, what can I do?


I should add, it’s not like my legs are that big (25.25" around), so I can’t be the only guy with this problem.


Wear a kilt … there can be only one


lay off the jelquing




I just had my nuts removed, it might work for you too.


if your sitting down a lot, keep your knees outside of your hips

find a good brand of boxer briefs

find a good brand of cargo shorts.

the only time i get low groin circulation is when im sitting in class at the university. ive never found a single chair in college that i could sit comfortably.

kilt idea sounds good too.


d’oh…meant to upload the perfect non-zubaz pants but apparently the server hamster is on a carrot break


OK, so the consensus is castration and a kilt. I’ll report back just as soon as I’ve done the former and bought the latter.

I can’t wait to see how people in my gym react to a castrato doing squats in a kilt. Could be pretty epic.


Get some anti-perspirant going on down there.


[quote]anonym wrote:
Get some anti-perspirant going on down there.[/quote]

Hmmm… I guess I could. It’s just that I’ve always been a little hesitant to apply anything to the underside of my junk. Sounds like a good way to irritate some very sensitive skin.

Of course, if I just cut off my balls so that PMPM can add them to her collection, then I really wouldn’t have to worry about that.


Use deodorant. It stops the sweating (duh). Goodbye burning legs!


try freeballing, only really works with baggy stuff though, otherwise your junk gets caught up in the zip and rbs against the fabric.


Get one or both of your legs removed.


lose some fat


Yeah, it’s a pain.

Also, sleeping on my side sucks.

And I hate the chairs with the built in armrests. They force me to sit with my legs squeezing my balls.

And yes, freeballing is wonderful.


[quote]AngryVader wrote:
Get one or both of your legs removed.[/quote]

Prof. X and I agreed that this was the only solution to a smelly armpit in another thread. Someone call the Professor stat, I’m on my way to prep for surgery. The last one was a huge success.


If you’re going to amputate, why not just start at the neck?


[quote]Christine wrote:
If you’re going to amputate, why not just start at the neck?


Because that would decapitate, sheeeesh


[quote]Christine wrote:
If you’re going to amputate, why not just start at the neck?


Because of seeeecks!