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Another MP3 Thread


Merry Christmas T-Nation!

I just recieved a Samsung YP-MT6 Z mp3 player for Christmas and was wondering if I should return it for something else. It holds 1 gig, is very small and I have heard nothing but great reviews on it. However, I plan on using this mostly in the gym. My only concern is whether or not it will stay in my pocket because it doesn't have an arm band or clip. I can't test it out first because the store will not let me return any electronics once they have been opened. If anyone has this model or a similar one, do you have trouble keeping it in your pocket?

I will not be purchasing an Apple product as I don't see a reason to buy I-Tunes if I can download Mp3s for free. Thanks for any help.


I don't know why people seem to think this is so, but you don't need to download songs from iTunes to play them on an iPod.

iTunes comes with the iPod as the software to move MP3's from your computer to your iPod. Granted, you CAN use iTunes to download MP3's, but you don't have to. You can use Napster or any other program you would normally use to get MP3's.

You can rip your own CD's if you want to transfer them to you iPod.

Again, iTunes is merely a gateway between your computer and your iPod. :slightly_smiling:

As far as your MP3 player, I wouldn't suggest a belt clip anyway... But can you buy an armband that fits around your arm and stick your MP3 player in that?


I think a belt clip is the way to go, out of the way. It always bothered me having it on my arm. i would recommend a site called allofmp3.com it is legal, the songs are about $.10 each. Download the explorer download manager too, from the site. It makes downloading simple and automatic.


That's new knowledge to me, I was told by employees at BestBuy that I-Tunes was needed to download songs for the I-Pod, as if they were a different format. So thanks for clearing that up. I'm still unsure about buying an I-Pod though, mainly because of the price.

I will keep looking for an armband, however, I have yet to find one that is compatible with this mp3 player.


The reason I spent the extra money for my iPod was because I noticed a reasonable difference in sound quality compared to other MP3 players at the time.

The employee's are Best Buy tried to tell me the same thing, then when I explained it to them they stumbled around with words and finally got out something to the effect of, "We meant downloading it from your computer to your iPod."

Two weeks later they told a coworker of mine that you had to download MP3's from iTunes, also.