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Another Meat Eating Thread


Yeah I know there's quite a few, but I wanted to ask how many of the pro vegetarian arguments listed here actually hold water.





"Largest meat eater that ever lived: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Where is he today?)"

Dead, with the rest of the herbivores that existed back then.



Yeah I saw that, it's just that this URL is being openly discussed between some friends of mine, some of them are easy to spot how ridiculous they are but others I have no idea how valid they are.


I didn't read much of it but some times these "numbers" are inflated to make themselves look good.

"Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on an acre: 40,000"

"An acre of land can produce 20,000 pounds of potatoes"

See what I mean. I'm sure it all is valid points but they post two different numbers for amount of potatoes that can grow on a acre of land.


The check out girl at Sprouts today asked if all of the steak I was buying was for me.


And did you say "It's for the both of us"?


How to win a argument with a vegetarian

There's quite a few to add to this list, but this sums it up...

The Go Fuck Yourself Argument

I like eating meat, go fuck yourself.


HAHAHA! I'm going to steal this.

If all humans suddenly became sea algae instead, we would save an amazing amount of fossil fuels and drastically decrease green house gas.
Seriously, just let people be normal people damn it. I eat my beef and drive my gas wasting sports car. Vegans, U MAD? Clean the french fries out of your vaginas.

Research has undeniably proved that fish oil has undeniable health benefits, creatine in meats is useful for cognitive and muscular performance, and that protein from animal sources are greatly superior for absorption. I dislike wasting resources and use whatever I have with a purpose. Vegans are just being stingy and giving up some of the best things in life...is an incomplete life worth living? I suppose the average people who doesn't have a clue what he's doing or have ambitious goals should become vegan, but to become the best, you should not live on the bare minimums.

If by vegetarian, you mean that you take a fish oil supplement, and get in plenty of milk and egg proteins, I would hardly call that vegetarian. Animal protein sources are animal protein sources, don't delusion yourself into thinking that they are vegetables.

Vegan is an acceptable lifestyle choice, just not for those who seek to be badass and bang fine ass bitches. If you are one of these weirdos who supplement with a lot of plant protein powders, you actually crave burgers, steaks, bacon, and eggs, but are in denial.


Stop it my friends...

We must embrace our vegetarian and vegan brothers and sisters...

It means more meat for us...


... and EAT THEM!


Agreed, I got first dibs on VeggieStrong.


Agreed. I keep a pen in my backyard filled with 6 grass-fed vegans. I treat those fuckers humanely - they each have separate sleeping pens and I give them daily beer and massages, similar to the Wagyu cattle of Japan.

Man, they're going to make some great, great burgers and steaks. I will keep the prime cuts and possible auction off the rest, freezer-beef style. You haven't eaten until you've had a grass-fed Vegan burger, trust me on this guys...


Are you back in Japan?


In the happy fun way?


"Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million"

Where's the proof of this? Some study or something would be great.

Like this, many other points.

"Cause of global warming: greenhouse effect"

This is far from clear, but mr. vegan knows it for sure. Great!


Those statements don't need to hold water. They were written for people who are already staunch vegans who are only looking for affirmation that what they do is correct.

It's not like anybody actually looking for solid dietetic information would seek out a site called Consumercide, or use it as a factual reference.


Just adding the Nebraska point of view on this...

This is a typical dinner.


me jelly


Who are you? Ron Swanson?


That is awesome. I feel like a vegetarian compared to you.