Another mag-10 question

I’ve been on Mag-10 for a week. I’ve gotten big, really big and strong. However, I have also put on some fat. Is that normal? I am eating alot, about 75% clean. Any suggestions on how I can continue to put on weight, but not as much fat? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Mag-10 itself can’t make you fat - almost no calories. I don’t have a bottle handy or I’d check. You’re just eating too much or not training hard enough. With Mag10 you need to eat more than maintenance of course to gain, but you can’t just pig out. Do you know how many calories you’re eating per day? What type of training? Also, define ‘clean’. Might be time to start a food log. The Massive Eating plan at T-mag might be a good read for you if you haven’t read it yet. Hope that helps!

A typical day looks like this:
Pre-workout: 2 power bars
post-workout: meal replacement shake
1.5 hours later: grilled chicken sandwich
1.5 hours later: protein bar
1.5 hours later: brown rice, spinach, chicken breast
1.5 hours later: can of tuna
1.5 hours later: grilled chicken sandwich
1.5 hours later: meal replacement shake

sometimes I get lazy and have bigger meals, but usually they are pretty healthy. However, I had about four cheat meals; these were always high in protein though.

That does not really look like that much food to me, although you did not specify the calorie contents of each item. Also, I doubt you could really put that much fat on in one week–not enough to worry about anyway. Also, how do you know you are gaining fat–you could be retaining water, especially if just recently changed your diet.

You are going to put on weight of course while bulking up, but if you are gaining to much from fat then you are simply eating to much. Keep a food log.

Diet is your biggest factor toward success not only while cutting but even more so while trying to add LBM.

A little late now but you should have had diet nailed down befor you began the cycle, but it is never to late.

Start a detailed food log and adjust from there.


dude, cut out the power bars they are crap. Your post workout meal is a meal replacement shake?? Im not sure what you mean by that but it should be 1g protein per 3g carbs most actual “meal” replacement shakes have very little protein in them. peace