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Another Mag-10 dieting question

I checked the archives but couldn’t find what I was looking for. If I was to diet (not too heavily, maybe 700 cals under maintenance) for six weeks, would taking half a dose of Mag-10 for the duration of the diet be effective in retaining LBM, or just a waste of money? I realize Androsol may be better suited for this purpose, but would half a dose do the trick, and if so, would it be okay to stay on for six weeks? How long of an off period would I need afterwards since I would be taking less than the normal dosage?


I’d expect significant benefit at half the
dose when dieting. Whether the further benefit from a full dose would be worth the cost would really depend on the financial situation more than anything else. Other than money the other issue would be inhibition, but with use of recovery agents (Clomid, or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M) 8 weeks is fine.+

I’d prefer 4-AD-EC for that situation (probably a better ration of anabolic or anti-catabolic effect to inhibitory effect), but
if MAG-10 is already on hand, it would be fine is used according to your plan.

Thanks Bill…assuming I do diet for 6 weeks with half a dose of Mag-10 each day for the duration, how long of an off period would I need (using Tribex and M) before I could go back on Mag for bulking purposes? When using the half dose for dieting I assume I wouldn’t need to frontload either, correct?

Just wondering how long of an off period I would need before starting Mag again if I use it for six weeks and then use Tribex + M for two weeks after…I decided to go with 2/3 of a dose a day so I can get 6 weeks out of two bottles.

With regards to middle range doses, an unfortunate truth (at least I think it
is a truth) with regard to androgen cycles
is that unless a cycle is light, off time or the percentage of time off is independent of dose. In other words, you don’t need any less time off when using a typical 500 mg/week stack than you would for 1000 mg/week.

The exception occurs where the dose is so light that inhibition isn’t significant nor is any adverse effect. For example, you could use Primobolan at 200 mg/week as long as you liked.

I doubt that MAG-10 at half a dose per day is
so light as to be in that range. I’d think you’d need as much off time as generally recommended for androgen cycles. Namely,
at least long enough to be sure natural
T production is back, or at least half as long as you’d been on, whichever is longer; and in terms of a practice that is suitable
for long periods of time, twice as long off as on is excellent and equally long may be somewhat pushing it.

I am 16 weeks out from a natural bodybuilding competition I will be entering. I won’t use anything the week before the show to ensure everything clears my system for the urinalysis testing. So I basically have 15 weeks. I have been off Androsol for 2 weeks now after a 4 week cycle and am currently using Tribex and M. My question is could I use Mag-10 for 12 weeks at 1 dose a day? Cost is not an issue and I would use Tribex and M after the 12 weeks to recover. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated Bill. Thank you.


Bill, if I use Mag-10 for 4 weeks at one dose a day, will two weeks of M+Tribex followed by another two weeks without any recovery agents be enough off time before starting another Mag-10 cycle? Would I need to use M+Tribex for the entire 4 weeks off?

Yes, you could use MAG-10 at one dose per day
for 12 weeks if planning to use recovery agents.

If cost is no issue I’d also try 1.5 doses
per day just in case it works better for you,
or even 2 doses per day. Sometimes that is the case for some people, and if competing and cost is no issue, it would be worth seeing if there’s a difference for you. (Probably not but if there is it would be silly to miss it.)

Two weeks off after four weeks on could be sufficient with recovery agents, but my philosophy personally is that I’d either rather get the benefits of especially fast recovery and utilizing so to speak a “burst” mode of growth with a 2 week cycle; OR go considerably longer such as 8 weeks. Four weeks neither obtains the values of the short cycle (exceptionally fast recovery and the fact that the body can grow very rapidly only for short times) nor the value of longer cycles (slower incremental gains getting to really add up due to extended time.)

Bill, I would rather do a 6 or 8 week cycle with one dose a day, but I really only plan on (and have the ability to) cut for the next 4 weeks with Mag-10…this is because I will be travelling out of the country 6 weeks from now, and am not sure if I could take any recovery agents, or Mag-10 for that matter, where I am travelling (therefore, I wanted to leave the 2 weeks before I leave to recover with Tribex and M in case I couldn’t take them into the country I am going to). It is VERY important that I maintain as much LBM and strength as I can for sports during these next 4 weeks, otherwise I wouldn’t even bother with the Mag-10 while cutting. Is there any better alternative to this mess of a plan…would 5 weeks on with 1 week of recovery with Tribex and M be enough recovery time before I go out of the country? I have already begun one dose a day of the Mag for the past 4 days.