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another mag-10 age question

Since it has been stated a couple of times that mag-10 would be safe for a twenty year old like myself who has lifted weights for 5+ yrs. and studied weightlifting in all of its forms for 3+ yrs., what would be the best way to retain gains made while on mag-10? Please respond w/ any ideas or suggestions for a safe, but unordanarily effective cycle. I’m tired of either being 190lbs w/ a shy four pack and no vascularity, or 165lbs. w/ a constant 6 pack and great vascularity, but smaller chest, arms and legs. I’m sure many others feel my pain as well.

High volume training like EDT or GVT2000 while on with lots of food. 5x5 or something similar (lower volume, heavy weights) while off, while eating at maintenance. This schedule should maintain all lean body mass and avoid any excess fat gain.

I don’t have time to fully answer right now, but Friday’s Reader Mail section answers the same question. You may also want to review the “Growth Surge Project” articles at T-mag by John Berardi and myself.

To clarify, the detailed answer will be in this coming Friday’s issue, #116. However, this has been discussed and written about many times.

If you’re only 20 years old, I would be extremely careful of putting excess androgens in your body. Yes MAG 10 delivers pro-hormones, but do you know if it delivers them in equal amounts everywhere? Really you’re still growing. I’d wait some time if I were you… it sounds like you don’t really need it. If you want bigger arms and a bigger chest… then do big compound movements like deadlifts and the bench AND work out the arms one day a week for hypertrophy. After 8 weeks I guarantee you’ll get the size you’re looking for-- as long as you make sure you’re getting enough protein (1 gram per body weight (I find you actually don’t need that much but it’s an easy rule) and calories… if you’re cut up at 165 like you say you are and can get up to 190, then you’re going not going to have a problem with BF% or adding much more LBM if you eat well (but not bulking big) and do what I suggested. Do weighted pull ups for your back… and it will hit the bis. Don’t overtrain the arms…
The other thing you might be doing is limiting your carbs to such a degree while you’re ripped that you’re flattening out completely. See if you look much bigger (if smoother) if you carb up. I’m guessing you’re 5’10 or about there, right? It’s the big compound movements that are really going to give you the growth.
p.s. I hope you’re only working out 3 times a week or 4 max.