Another Low T Help Thread

Hi all,

Writing this post because I am desperate at this point. I have been feeling awful the past 3-4 months. Symptoms include: Brain fog, Extreme fatigue, Gastro problems ( I have IBS, but lately its unbearable), irritability, emotionless and minor depression.

I got blood work done by my GP. Everything came back normal except Testosterone which was listed at 354ng/dl (range 240 - 871). It says I have low T for my age (22) and that I should see an endo for further treatment options.

Blood was drawn at around 4PM. Now I have browsed a ton of threads on here and it seems I need more things tested such as LH/FSH/DHEA etc. Should I get these drawn first?

For my lifting background I started freshman year of college (5 years ago) and I was significantly bigger and stronger then. I was about 175lbs at 12%, 5’9’'. Today I am around 155lbs and roughly 13-14% bodyfat. I am still lifting hard and consistent but my gains seem to be non-existant. I have been on a lower calorie diet for quite sometime now mostly because my IBS has been painful and it is tough for me too eat a lot.

I am lost and don’t know what the next steps should be. I dont feel normal at all. Can anyone give me some guidance here?

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Yes you need more labs.

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You’re not alone in your struggle and we can help you if you help us help you.

Low T is a symptom of a problem, we try and find the root of the problem

I could speculate but it would be speculation

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