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Another Low Carb Question

What type of bodybuilders do you recommend for low card diets? I have read that CP uses low carb diets for 50% of his clients.
Is it impossible to compare these diets together:
3500 cals with pro-carb-fat 30-40-30 and
3500 cals with pro-carb-fat 20-55-25 ??

I like the low carb diets a lot for cutting. If it works for you, it can be a great way of maintaining your muscle mass while shedding fat very quickly.

This is only my opinion, but I think the majority of a bodybuilder’s time should be spent bulking, ie putting on muscle. Overeating is simply the most anabolic process in existence. The more time you spend in the anabolic state attained by overeating, the better. So finding a diet that allows you to shed fat really quickly (and allowing you to get back to overeating) can be very useful. For me and for most people I know, low carb diets work really well for this. So my answer to your question is that anybody who’s interested in dropping bodyfat quickly should try a version of the Anabolic Diet. However, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t panic…

There are other ways to drop fat really quickly. The 40/30/30 plan is my next alternative, with a focus on eliminating processed carbs and ensuring most of the dietary fat comes from flax and fish oils. In addition, eliminate carbs for 4 hours before bedtime. Of course, you could always consider adding an anabolic “assistor” to help with the muscle maintenance, like Brock did with Fat Fast.