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Another London Incident


It seems there has been another bomb on a bus and several evacuations of tube stations in London. It may be an elaborate hoax. Police were also pictured arresting a man outside of 10 Downing Street at gun point but that may be unrealted.


If it's an elaborate hoax, they sure did a good job of fooling all the big media players.

At least it does appear that whoever was responsible either couldn't or didn't use bombs of the power of 7/7:


London blasts cause chaos on Tube

The Tube has been plunged into chaos and several stations evacuated after minor blasts on three trains and a bus.
Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair said three Tube lines were suspended but it was time London returned to normal.

The minor explosions - just two weeks after blasts killed 56 - involved detonators only, a BBC reporter said. There was only one injury.

Police sources say a number of fugitives are being sought. Two people were arrested in Whitehall.

Eyewitnesses heard bangs and saw abandoned rucksacks at the sites of the incidents at Warren Street, Shepherd's Bush Hammersmith and City line and Oval tube stations as well as the number 26 bus.

At Warren Street and Oval a man was seen running away from the scene.

A blast was also reported on a Number 26 bus in Bethnal Green.

There were no injuries and the bus suffered no structural damage.

Large areas around all four sites were cordoned off.

One person was injured at Warren Street. There were reports the injured person may have been holding a rucksack containing the detonator.

Sir Ian appealed for witnesses with mobile phone pictures of any of the incidents to send them to www.police.uk.

And he said it was "time to get London moving" again.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said: "We can't minimise incidents such as this because they obviously have been serious in the four different places as we know.

"I think all I'd like to say is this that we know why these things are done, they're done to scare people and to frighten them, to make them anxious and worried."

The BBC's Andrew Winstanley said devices had been found but appeared to have been dummies, containing no explosives.

Police said armed officers were deployed to University College Hospital after an incident. A large area was cordoned off, but the incident is now over.

There were reports a memo had been circulated to staff to look out for a 6ft 2in black or Asian man with wires sticking out of his top.

The hospital has not received any casualties or been alerted to casualties.

A man was arrested near Downing Street by armed police and led away down Whitehall.

The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line, the Hammersmith and City line, Piccadilly and the Bakerloo line.

A number of other stations were closed including Great Portland Street, Westminster, Waterloo, St Paul's and Oxford Circus tube stations, as well as Waterloo tube station and King's Cross Thameslink.

Tony Blair cancelled events in the afternoon and attended a meeting of the Cobra committee along with Sir Ian. Whitehall was briefly closed down.

London Underground went to an amber alert with trains taken to the next station and evacuated.

An eyewitness at Oval station said there had been a small bang, and a man had then run off when the Tube reached the station.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said the driver of the number 26 bus travelling through Shoreditch had heard a bang on upper deck, gone upstairs and seen the windows were blown out.

The bus driver was very shaken but said to be fine.

At Shepherd's Bush Hammersmith and City line station, police told reporters that a man had threatened to blow himself up and then ran off.

Sosiane Mohellavi, 35, was travelling from Oxford Circus to Walthamstow when she was evacuated from a train at Warren Street.

"I was in the carriage and we smelt smoke - it was like something was burning. "Everyone was panicked and people were screaming. We had to pull the alarm. I am still shaking."


Ok Ladies and Gentlemen,

Any ideas on how the Allies can pressure Mushareff to allow our special ops forces access to get bin laden?

As my Texas friends would say, "He needs a killin'"

I think the sad truth is that people in Pakistan actually support bin laden. I worry that Mushareff will be toppled if he gives public support to incursions to remove Bin Laden.

I'd love to hear Ranger's idea on the hunt.

Oh, before the hand-wringing democrats come on and blame W. for everything, please keep it to yourself. I'm interested in having a July 21st, 2005 discussion.



Here's a link that is getting continuously updated with the latest stuff on the Counterterrorism weblog:



I don't know if any of you have heard of Michael Savage, but I agree with him when he says the football(soccer) thugs need to go out and whoop some ass!!!!!


The other day Michael said they were the only real men left in europe, I agree with alot of what he says. Racial profiling is the only way to stop this stuff, or atleast combat it. We need to know who the enemy is, in this case we know.


In the wake of what's happened in London, New York is going to do random searchs of bags -- I won't be surprised if other U.S. cities follow suit shortly:



Bin Laden said repeatedly his goal was to remove the American military footprint from Saudi Arabia, maybe that would help stop the innocents dieing. Its not so much pandering to terrorists as doing the right thing that should have been done at the end of the cold war- worldwide withdrawl.


Bin ladin can suck my python

" got a burkha? " - Me


Withdraw economic and military aid to the government and reroute it to ordinary broke ass Pakistanis? Or start pouring in fat American businessmen to overwhelm them with the amazing benefits of the free trade system? Remove the oppressive dictator (our good friend Musharaf) from power? Help establish a liberal democracy in Pakistan? Improve the lot of Pakistani women in rural areas? Teach the people to read (something other than the Qu'ran) and write and think for themselves?

Just a few things off the top of my head. And GeeDub isn't to blame for everything, just the stuff he's done.

Still not a Democrat,



Well that says it all, doesn't it? The U.S. needs to withdraw all forces across the globe, THEN Al Qaeda will be satisfied. Well, let's do it, why not?


sounds good to me!


The police in London have just shot dead an asian man at Stockwell Tube station:

"I saw them (police) offload five shots into the person on the floor," eyewitness Mark Whitby at the station told BBC television. "I saw them kill a man."

We got cordened off at work yesterday because the police were hunting a fugitive with a bomb around Westminster. Pissing me off now, getting evacuated every 3-4 days.

Kill them all, let God sort them out.


I see we have an apologist.

I suppose that you think the IRA were right as well do you?

These nutters respond to one thing, and that is superior firepower. I'm a Englishman and proud of it, and I get sick to the back teeth of bleeding heart liberals telling me how terrible we all are every stinking day, what terrible racists we all are, and what a better place the world would be without us interfering.

The muslim fundamentalists want to convert everyone to their way of thinking, and by us backing down, it will only make them more determined.


Dude, I think you like to try to bait people in to arguing with you. Are you attention-starved?

I read your posts on the original London Bombings thread and you made about as much sense there. None.

You're saying the same old, tired shit here that you said before.


Racial profiling will cause more problems than it will solve. If you treat people like your enemies, they will eventually start to play the part. You say you know who the enemy is, but you fail to realize that a religion or ethnicity does not constitute a cohesive group. In short, your viewpoint is retarded. Hoooray racism.


john gullick is a moron with a (supposedly) long CV.

and btw...we are pulling out of saudi arabia...thats old news ass clown, the pentago announced it last year.


These terrorists are the stupidest that ever have been. I wish they would have blasted themselves up. Wouldnt a detonator just blow a hole in the guy that strapped it to himself and nobody else?


Exactly. Withdrawing from the world will not help.

The stated goal of these nutjobs is to make everyone on the planet live under some horrible form of Islamic law.

The free world should have banded together to stop this form of totalitarianism long ago.

Better late than never.


Zap: are you even going to entertain the idea that perhaps these terrorists are just mad about iraq and that stupid foreign policy could eventually have these misanthropic arabs bombin our place?