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Another Log

This is just a simple log of my hopeful progression to my goals of

A 185kg/408pd bench press and a 350 front squat.

Just some basic history:

I’ve had serious knee injuries in the last 5 years from rugby and have since quite the sport. I haven’t done any leg work for 2-3 months and the previous years leg work was sporadic at best. I will be starting with probably a 130pd front squat 1rm which is appalling. Until i get a decent squat i will not be dead lifting.

In January this year i tore my chest slightly so had to take 3 months off training chest. My best lift post that tear is a 331pd bench press for 2 reps and 1 supported rep, no bounce etc. Benching makes my chest feel really weird so at the moment i am just doing dumbbell work for chest. My goal is to dumbbell chest press 140pd dumbbells for 8-12 reps which means i will need to buy some adjustable dbells. When i reach that goal i strongly believe i will be able to hit a bench of 405pds with in 2 months

I have just come off a very high volume back specialization program so for this 6 week training cycle i will be reducing my back volume per week by around 30%.

The following is my program

Day 1: Session 1: Chest Shoulders and Triceps

A| Dumbbell chest press 8-12 4 120
B| Parallel dips 8-12 4 120
C1| Shoulder press 8-12 4 60
C2| Incline cable crossover 8-12 4 60
D1| Lateral raise 8-12 4 60
D2| Rope tricep push down 8-12 4 60

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Session 2: Back

A1| Chin ups with straps 3-12x–
A2| Lat pull down with straps 12-3 120
B| Hammer strength wide overhand grip chest supported row 8x5 120
C| Neutral grip seated cable row leaning forward 8-12x5 120

Day 4: Session 3: Legs and biceps

A| Front squat 8-12x5 120
B| Leg press 8-12x5 120
C| Hammy curl 8-12x5 120
D| Alternating dumbbell bicep curl (loose form) 5-8x4 120
E1| Reverse ezy bar curl 8x-- 60
E2| Ezy bar preacher curl 8x4 60

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Repeat.