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Another Lifter Worried about Buttwink

Like a lot of people with a history of spine issues, I worry about buttwink at the bottom of the squat. I know I’m going into some posterior rotation, and I’d like your feedback as to whether this is within an acceptable range, or whether I’m setting myself up for trouble. Please let me know your thoughts. PS: I know I’m fat and need to drop weight; I’m working on that too!


Have a browse of this similar thread (It’s a cluster fuck but there’s some useful stuff in there) while you wait for replies to your specific vid. Another vid with different angles and set up will probably be asked for so better get ahead of the curve on that one.

This is probably an understatement.

OP to save you some time browsing my thread, the most important links that were given to me were:


It looks like you have trouble reaching depth and are creating additional range of motion by rounding your back. It is barely noticeable at the beginning but gets worse as the set goes on. On days that you don’t squat you can do a squat-specific stretch, hold onto something like a doorknob or a shelf or whatever and drop into a full squat. Make sure you keep your back from rounding (try to arch your lower back) and sit there for 30 seconds, do this 3-5 times every day. You can do a dynamic stretch version before squatting, rather than holding the position at the bottom just try to go as deep as you can without rounding and com back up. Do that a few times until you feel loosened up and it’s easier to reach depth. Other than that, learn to brace properly and try to maintain a slight arch in your lower back to avoid going into flexion. The other butt wink thread was started by a guy who was squatting way too deep which caused his problem, not everything in there is applicable to you.

Seeing as this a formcheck…

Your descent is a bit messed up. Probably has a lot to do with you worrying about hitting depth and buttwinking but it has that terrible look about it where you are slowing down and trying to “find” depth.

You slow down into the hole achieving an effect similar to a pause squat or tempo squat without an actual pause kinda negating the benefits. Pause squatting is good assistance work but I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to do in the vid.

You’re descent is pretty much the opposite of how a squat descent should go.

Thanks very much to all who replied. I really appreciate the feedback. Here’s a more recent video. My perception is that I’ve remedied some of the posterior pelvic rotation and that I’m doing better at bracing and keeping my spine straight in the hole. But I’m curious as to your observations.
Thanks so much. It’s great to have a resource like this.

Oops, forgot the video.

Link is ded


Sorry! Trying again.

You start with your back over arched and then when you bit the bottom it goes more to neutral, Chris duffin has a pretty good video about this, pretty common mistake that a lot of people do

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yup haha

I see no buttwink problem.

I see a questionable shorts height issue though :stuck_out_tongue:


You are in anterior pelvic tilt before you descend. Do you stand like that normally? If so, then stretch and do myofascial release work on your hip flexors and myofascial release work on your quadratus lumborum. And start with either neutral pelvis and spine or SLIGHT extension.

Also, what are you looking at? Keep your neck neutral; don’t look up at the ceiling. Look at something 10 or so feet ahead of you on the floor.

That’s bullshit. You can look straight ahead or slightly up, just don’t hyperextend your neck. I don’t know where people come up with this nonsense.