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Another Legit Site Question HaHa

I know many people have asked this question and I have found a legit site but I do not wish to order from them anymore because they are a different country so it takes a while to get the gear. If anyone could list me some legit sites with decent deilivery time please drop me a PM.

Two posts and a source request,this is like the 5th or 6th this week…wtf?

There must be an ad somewhere in the paper claiming there’s a 2-for-1 offer on source giveaways here on T-Nation. No credit check, no down payment, no previous time as an active member. All gear must go!

I know if I ask someone will PM me and help me out like they do with most people. And then you will get people on the forums that won’t give out info because they want people to do it themselves and I don’t know why anyone would act like that.

I have bought roids from a site in Europe and if someone asked for a legit site in Europe I would have no problem PMing them and giving them the site. I just don’t like waiting for the delivery to the states.

If you guys are that strong on keeping your sources all to yourself then have at it, there really is no good explanation to it especially since I am an experienced user who has done his fair share of research and has gotten ripped off a few times before finding a legit site. Sorry I got some real issues going on right now and can’t afford to hand money over to scams right now.

I don’t want to get ripped off again so I ask for some help and you guys post on every single post the same stuff and don’t help them out and wonder why someone else reposts the same thing. I know people don’t like listing the source name in posts and usually people do it through PM to not cause a big deal and this is what I am doing so if you don’t want to help out then don’t post.

I asked for sites and your posts don’t contain then so I don’t care for them.

There is a very good reason not to share your sources.
People have put alot of time and research into finding good sources and if they go and share it with every joe-shmo that posts here looking for a source, it would be gone.
You will probably get a few PM’s and most of them will be from scammers.

If you have found a good foreign source that follows through on all your orders and disguises their products well, I would say stick with them. Who cares about the delivery times. Plan your cycles a couple months in advance.

There just might be another little reason to keep things to yourself or only share with trusted others…uh read the paper at all,watch t.v.? Why post or advertise your involvement with something that is subjected to a public villification and witch hunt daily.

Yes alot of us worked,researched and may have even gotten scammed to know what we know and would like to keep it in tact.Christ last week some newb posted ALL of the names involved in a particular site asking if he could trust them.It is the reckless approach some take to get what they want without regards to others that we take issue with,(or myself anyway)