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Another 'Late Night Food' Thread


So I need some suggestions for late night eating.

Problem is, I'm milk-allergic or I'd just chow down on cottage cheese - shame really because I love the stuff.

At the moment I just find myself having endless spoons of PB which doesn't provide me with lasting satiety.

I'm guessing slow-digesting protein-rich food is going to be the best thing, any suggestions?


Just came home from the bar and I'm eating a huge beef stirfry before bed, yummy.

But anyways I think the usual recommendations are High Protein, High healthy Fats, and somewhat low carbs. Most fruit will be too sugary so don't bother with it before bed. Try things like Walnuts and Almonds if you need a snack before bed they're very low on the glycemic index. Can't go wrong with chicken breast either.


I just ate a cup of non fat greek yogurt(22g Protein), 2TBS peanut butter and 2 hardboiled eggs.

i ran out of cottage cheese, otherwise it is 1.5cups of that, peanut butter and an egg or 2


Can't find that Greek stuff. The one I did find said only 4g protein per serving, and it cost double my normal Dannon unflavored natural yogurt.


i don't know where you live but the only place i have ever found it is at Trader Joes. 2cups =44g of protein @2.79$. Kinda expensive for me but i like yogurt and that is basically the healthiest(ie highest source of protein) yogurt i have found.


Scramble some eggs, but any type of meat will do the job as well.