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Another Koklyaev Vid


Im not sure if this vid has been posted before, but the bar speed, hook grip and lockout on this deadlift are just insane:



That is one impressive deadlift, the man must have thumbs of steel.

Here's his 415kg attempt from the same meet, missed at the knees. http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=4SpYatYS9b4&feature=channel_page




He also says he's going to post more stuff from this meet.

"Im weiting material about 360 kg squat."


strong, he will do more surley.


He is an absolute machine and I would love to see that 360kg squat.

Anybody else have any more good koklyaev vidoes?



It's from his youtube channel



This is immense also:



Almost another 900lb puller...

All around, no one in the world can touch him.