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Another KO from Bellator Fighting Championships


Poor dude...he got the "ratchet" and the "clank"


Dang!!! Mouthpiece flew out and everything.


Wow. Good stuff. I need to watch more BFC.


Seems that's been happening quite a bit. It is drilled in training...take the kick and throw a right..a lot of guys are in the same position still so they can get caught with that right hand..MOVE AWAY right away lol, or stepping to 45 angle, or doin the "limbo" on the kick. That's in my opinion good ways to not get hit with that right.

Same thing can be said for people who throw single punches...if they throw single jab, if you can time it/have good reflexes...as soon as they throw it, you go for the head kick..it'll work.
I've seen ernesto hoost, soon as the guy throws a punch..he might catch it and throw his leg up.


Good post. I hate it when guys throw lazy kicks without setting them up. And good call on going for head kick off the jab. It would be worth a shot against guys that throw lazy jabs and let their hand fall instead of snapping it back.