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Another Kind of Good Oil?


There seems to be a constant debate about how much Fish Oil to consume for optimal health, performance and thermogenic potential. However, now to add to the debate is the product Sesamin (called a super fish oil, but derived from sesame). Research proposes this product to offer dramatic enhancements on the fat burning and cardio-protective effects of fish oil.

In light oif the fact that Biotest are planning to launch a potent fish oil supplement, what are peoples views or experience regarding this product? Furthermore, should/can it replace fish oil supplementation, or be used along with it?


Seen a Lot lately on sesamin and the like really disrupting sex drive and possibly T level for the negative.

Im holding out fish oil for me for now.


I have used sesamin based products since August with no adverse impact on my sex drive, and have had positive results.

The product appears to be most effective when taken in conjunction with fish oil, or, at minimum, a fat based meal.