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Another Kid Squat Video

Decided to build my son a squat rack out of pvc pipe. I put it together while he was taking his nap and he was super excited when he saw it. Only took about 15 minutes for him to figure it out. Hope you enjoy.

Beat the rack command- no lift.

Oh my gatos, man. Full of win. What’s next? Tire flips? Atlas stones? Baby prowler? Better get some patents or fisher price is going to steal your ideas.

So much of a badass he just klokov presses the weight off his back and re racks it.

good depth :slight_smile:

That’s exactly how I rack my squat weights.

That is the best thing I’ve seen or anticipate seeing all day.

This video jumps right up into the top ten best of all time! LOL well done.

[quote]black_angus1 wrote:
Beat the rack command- no lift.[/quote]

Agreed 3 reds. We’ll work on it.

Looking at that made me realise how much mobility we lose as we get older!

cute video, ATG too

Pretty cool, man! Should be common place but it’s nice to see men being dads in this day and age.