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Another Junk Product

In the back of Flex this month I saw a product calle “Viraloid” with the ubiquitous multipage ad special billing itself as some sort of new super anabolic. The ad went on to expound the value of wild yam and ‘punture vine’. Now, I thought wild yam was hot years ago but I’ve never heard of the aforementioned vine.

The ad says that “…the starting point (raw material) for all synthetic anabolic steroids including Deca, D-Bol, Winstrol, Anavar, Depotestosterone, Anadrol and Primobolan is the wild yam.”

The ad closes up with this rather disturbing line:

Seriously, very seriously you’ll feel like you could take on Tyson and Holyfield at once, in a dark alley…in Harlem!!

I can’t believe people buy shit like this.

puncture vine is tribulus terristris.

Thanks, I was too enamored with the rest of the ad to catch that ‘punture vine’ is a member of the ‘tribulous’ family. The spellings are given as they appear in the ad.

Mate, before posting it’s always best check your facts.

A search for the following at pubmed may yield some results…

saponin diosgenin
Dioscorea and/or Villosa + steroid

Mate, hype is what is all about. No hype = no sales. Everyone in the industry hypes their products - just look at a Biotest ad! The crux is whether the product is as good as they say. In the case of Biotest that is usualy the case.

I have used a viraloid product that I got sent free of charge. This product is a combination of viraloid and trib so there was a range of tribulus type alkaloids in there. The company basically said “here is a free sample if you don’t think it is good, don’t buy it”. After exhanging emails with their biochemist, I’m not yet sold on the proposed mode of action for viraloid.

So did viraloid work? No idea. Did the product as a whole work? Yes - I gained a little muscle whilst dieting.

I hate sounding like an arrogant twat, I’m just suggesting that you might do some homework before shooting someones work down.

Conorh, I gotta side with you on this one. Drewsky, do you work for this company? Go to this company’s website and read what they are trying to convince people. They sell liquid creatine and Nitric Oxide supplements! How could any company that sells those 2 products be considered credible? Oh wait…they sell a transdermal fatloss product too…finally a company finds a way to make “spot reduction” a reality. Plus if Shawn Ray endorses them they must be credible…Give me a break!!! Biotest may hype their products but at least they don’t try to convince people that completely worthless products will turn them into Ronnie Coleman.

I want 3 cases so I have a stockpile if it becomes illegal. I don’t even care if it works.I just like illegal stuff.

The company to which you refer markets a possibly poor grade product with a disproportionate amount of hype. A product based on creatine, which does work. The same may be true of their viraloid product.

The product I refer to is by a different company. The And no, I don’t work for them, nor will I post or hint at their name.

I posted because I have taken a viraloid product and it worked. It was viraloid and T.T. as I said but it worked far better than I expected (i.e. with effects just due to the T.T.) Shoot me down for saying so if you want.

I feel that you should not write something off out loud due to one company’s ad and, when you don’t know much/anything about it other than the reputation of one company marketing a version of it.

I was not trying to put down an entire range of products, if in fact there are other products billed as viraloid, I was putting down this particular product I saw advertised. It is pure unscrupulous hype.

They make the claim that diosgenin is “virtually identical” to methandrio dipropianate, which, while it is similar, doesn’t really mean anything. They go so far as to call diosgenin ‘natural methandriol’.

While I do belive these steroidial saponins probably have some merit, to market them in such an outlandish way in spite of the fact that they have been around a long time and are cheap and readily available is sensationalist hyperbole. That’s what irritated me about this product and it’s ad. It’s only ten bucks for a trial bottle, according to the ad, so if you want to try it go nuts. Or direct that monet towards getting some Alpha Male which is a proven saponin product.

Here’s the links to those chemical structures, just for some nerdery.



Methandriol Dipropianate:


Right, so we are in agreement to a certain extent. Yes there are problems with the ‘facts’ that they’ve put in the advert (though not with the ones you put in your original post) and yes products such as these do have their place.

As I said, I talked to their biochemist at the company (that I am talking about) and I am not sure that the mode of action they propose is correct, I am also no Cy Wilson. The language and reasoning he used was only similar to that of the advert and he was not happy about the marketing of the product.

Hype (justified or unjustified)in this super saturated industry is the norm as you know, it’s like a background noise that you learn to ignore. Now I am not saying it is anything similar the ‘spyopec’s’ litany of shaky technobable and promises aimed at newbies but look at the ‘protein magic’ thread. Now, TC is not going to put his name to a substandard product and isn’t promising huge muscle gains but he does say the effects of MetRX were ‘miraculous’ and put micellar casein in the spotlight for it. Now m.c. may have it’s advantages over plain old cal.c. but is it ‘miraculous’ or is that marketing?

And before I get tagged as a T-Nation hater I do like Biotests products, use them as well as recommend them to others and am glad that they support a place like this - I am just saying as I see.

I think we’re more in agreement than not! I don’t really like the way Biotest hypes their products either, but as you said, hype sells. I also think that when they include those slick ad copies in our orders that their not aimed at the T-Nation readership per se, but the general pop who orders their products. That being said, I do take those glossy pamphlets and give them to people I know, becauise if they’re going to spend money on supps they should do it here.

Anyway, I wouldn’t buy anything from this ‘Vyotech’ because of their ad. It’s stupidity and gross hyperbole offended me. I’ll continue to buy from companies who’s advertising and company image are more to my liking, i.e. Biotest.

As I said before, if you want to try this product, go ahead, but I won’t because their shady ad turned me off to their products.

Rant over.