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Another insulin question for John Berardi

Ok. Thank you for your previous response, but now I have another question. Based on the results of my insulin and glucose test as well as the calculations, it turns out that I have a very good response to insulin (.601) but a very bad response to the pancreatic cell function (42.1). I’m pretty good with math, and did verified my calculations, so I think the numbers are right. What does this mean? Intuitively I would think either both would be good or bad, but here this is not the case. Do you have any idea what might be going on here in my body and have any advice to get my pancreatic cells functioning better? Any help is very well appreciated.

Post your numbers…

My glucose reading was 87 ng/dL and my insulin reading was 2.8 mU/L. I also had other blood work done as well. My TSH was 1.47, iron 15.0, calcium 9.6, platelets 204,000, all of which were considered normal. Unfortunately the receptionist from the office read off these numbers to me on the phone whil reading a list, and the list didn’t have any units with it. I had to ask her specifically to ask the doctor what the units were for the glucose and insulin. One reading that was low was my white blood cell count. It was 2.75, and the normal they said should be between 4 and 10. I have never used anabolic drugs, but for the past year and a half I have been consuming between 250g-400g of protein a day. I’m sure this is more info then you probably wanted, but I figure there’s no harm in stating it. Thanks.

Your numbers look good. The B cell stuff is very variable and if you were just laying in bed for the blood draw after waking, you would have higher scores. Since you were what we call stressed fasted (i.e fasted by had to get up, dressed, walk from car to doc’s office, etc.) your values change a bit. You insulin sens. is great but B cell function isnt ideal but it’s certainly not way out of wack. Ive seen your numbers in very lean individuals with no problems. Youre ok