Another Injury!

It would seem anytime i partake in exercise i screw myself up!! :smiley: I decided to go for a run about two weeks ago and i pulled/sprained something in the area exactly upon where my finger is pressed on my ankle. I can still walk perfectly fine but there is something nagging there and it is tender to the touch. Cant tell if its tendon or ligament and what to do before it turns into another chronic injury. thanks

Honestly if I was in your position, I would ignore it and keep pushing weights until it became unbearable or if it persists for a bit long. I was squatting a day after I had 3 nails removed on my right foot (dropped a desk on my foot). Unless you honestly believe it could be something severe, move on nancy.

Edit: A bit long for a nagging pain is at least a month or two.

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haha ok man. thanks for the advice.