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Another Important Query for the T-Vixens and T-Men

Allrighty, here’s the scoop: I’m thinking of popping the question to my girlfriend over the weekend following Valentine’s Day. We’ve been together for 9 months (please, no clever references to the time period) and have discussed it, so I know she’ll say yes. I’m looking for impressive, romantic, sweep-her-off-her-feet ideas on how to set her up and actually pop the question. Any advice?

Knock her up then say “Well I suppose we better get married.”

The setting can make a difference. Don’t know where you are, but if you have a local natural setting, like a large arboretum or park, that could be nice. Of course, if you’re in Wisconsin, chattering teeth could get in the way.

congradulations!!! i’ve heard a lot of interestig ones, one of my favorites was my friend brian recruited a bunch of friends to send bec on a week long scavenger hunt that started with the kidnapping of her kermit doll that she had from childhood - complete with ransom notes, pictures and emails. she ended up going to all of the special places they had visited as a couple, and at the end of the week they went to the restaurant they went to on their first date and the server brought out kermit for dessert, with the ring tied around his neck with a ribbon. people talk about the size of the diamond all the time… it’s cool you’re working on the set up! it’s just as important!

It doesn’t matter because women only care about the size of the ring.

I’m in a more temperate, Southern locale, so I could likely do the outdoors thing. However, there aren’t a whole lot of outdoors areas that have “couple significance” for us, which I gathered from Michelle’s post would be a good thing. To add a few more details to the situation, we have been doing the long-distance thing for a while now, so I really couldn’t do anything that required more than a day of her time to set up. I gather that little sentimental touches are good things, but I don’t want to cross the line between sentimental and cheese-ball. Are there any little touches that would be sure to please any lady but that I, being a clueless male, might not think to include?

hot air balloon ride? do you both like car or horse racing? the tracks here allow you to rent the infield sign, and i saw a proposal once. it was pretty cool. (pro staduims let you do it too, but i’d imagine that’s pretty pricey.) what is your budget? (and women who are not shallow and actually love their man for who he is do not ‘only care about the size of the ring’)

Mine had already started planning the wedding when I proposed. So, surprise seemed out of the question. Well, I lured her to the field where we met and popped the question. She had no idea. Try to think of variables to make it unexpected. 1) it was her birthday so other things were going on -very distracting 2) I told her I wanted to drive out to the country for a “quicky” before meeting up with our friends (how cool is it that this worked!) While we were walking out I brought up the significance of the location and turned while slipping to a knee. Yep. Kneeling in the mud helps ;). By the way, I proposed on her birthday because the Jeweler told me that meant she could keep the ring if we split up. I’m so hard-headed that made me want to do it then even more, but if that’s even a possibility in your case you may consider the risk. I don’t think that should even be a factor. Good luck and congratulations!

You could blindfold her and take her to a nice natural setting (she’ll just have to trust you to lead her when walking, a little symbolic in itself). Before she takes off the blindfold, get out that ring and get on a knee. Then when she takes off the blindfold, there you are right in front of her with a beautiful background, on one knee, asking for her hand in marriage. Okay, call me a romantic. But if that kind of magic can be sustained in a relationship (and that’s a whole 'nother topic), you have the brightest of futures ahead of you.

Here’s the plan. She is coming down for the annual formal dance at my school. After the dance is over, I will take her out to my car and put a blindfold on her and drive her up to the state capitol, which has a romantic vista (and we have this couple thing about seeing state capitols together because she loves them). Then I’ll lead her up the steps, get on a knee, tell her to remove the blindfold, and pop the question. How does that sound? BTW, I was also thinking of throwing her off the scent a little bit, so to speak, by taking her somewhere cheesy directly after the dance, like a karaoke lounge, and singing a cheesy song to her, and then, after we left, doing this – does that sound good? Any other hints?

Good plan. And you could sing the song “Shameless” (written and first performed by Billy Joel, made famous by Garth Brooks). Kind of goes along with the whole thing. Get a copy of it, learn it. Unfortunately, my old lyrics link is dead, so I can’t send you to a good site. Check the local music stores.

cheesy song at a karoke bar? GREAT!!! she’ll laugh her ass off and think you are a nut. what song are you thinking of? if you can pull it off, have a friend wait for you at the capitol with flowers (just to give them to you) get the flowers, grab her out of the car and do it! if you really want to throw her off the scent, blind fold her on the way to the karoke bar…she’ll just think you’re being weird and you may have a better chance at surprising her. she’s gonna brag about this one!

There are quite a few cheesy songs from which to choose, so I’m not certain which one I should do. Jimmy Buffet’s “Get Drunk” is a classic, and would be quite a contrast, as well as a good throw-her-off-the-scent feint. Or, I could go slightly (only slightly) more romantic with “What I Like About You” by the Romantics. Or, I could go completely sappy, yet still cheesy, and hit her up with that Elvis song with the lyrics “I can’t help falling in love with you” that UB40 covered in the early 90s. Decisions decisions. Any thoughts? Or further suggestions?

Ask her to give you your next injection, and hide the wedding ring in your bottle of Tes.

Oh, and by the way, congratulations. I wish you the best.

How about tell her u wanna do something new sexually.Tell her to penetrate u anally.Hide the ring in there.Then when she pulls out her finger with the ring on it.Propose.Ahhh so romantic.:slight_smile:

Have you ever seen the movie “Down to You”? There’s a part in that movie where the guy makes the girl dinner. She comes into the house and there’s a note card with a candle on the front table, it’s a sort of “scavenger hunt” and at each find, there’s another candle and card, the last card leads her to the guy of her dreams who is sitting at a table with a dinner all laid out and one candle in the middle of the table… you could try something like that! Check out the movie if you want a better idea, it stars Freddie Prinze Jr and Julia Stiles.

Just give the ring to me. I’ll give it to her the next time she’s over.