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Another I'm Drunk Thread...


seems like I make alot of these...so heres another one...2$ coors light all night do I'm extra fucked up LOL....come on i know more ppl other than myself are :slight_smile:


Not drunk here...but I always seem to be on when you are. I blame Xbox!

Why aren't you off having sex with your lady friend?


You can get drunk or coors light?


Drunk as well. Had two Whopper's, medium fries and went off to play pool and drink with friends. Cheat day and taking advantage of it.


Haha that's I mighty fine question to which I have a decent answer to...she had work. Just got done having sex with her about 20 mins ago though. It's nice. I found the perfect position to hit her g-spot. Get her running like a faucet and quivering like no other for as long as I want :).


im drunk

had drinks after work

i work at a bar

im drunk


i wasnt drinking coors light

i had

1 woowoo
1 wet pussy
1 irish car bomb
and a couple beers

im 210 but im a lightweight and its all good cause i made 150 today


having a kegerator makes things real easy. hey, that kid that started a thread about if beer is bad for lifting should get in here. beer's great


Darn tootin! I actually wake up leaner looking after a night of drinking. Weird I know.


Dehydration does that, you slag, you.


Hey! Who you callin a slag? U cheeky english twat. lol


Haven't been drunk in a while. I usually get philosophical, then depressed, then angry, and then I get in my truck lock the doors and pass out.




Pics or it didnt happen.