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Another Idiot Newbie Thread, First Cycle Plan

If you approach alcohol as the social lubricant, you have a better grasp on dealing with it properly, if there is such a thing. Now, being responsible you might keep those “social” interactions to no more than twice a week (Friday and Saturday).

Well it depends what quantifies as social lubricant

If you refer to 2-3 drinks, sure

If we are referring to downing a twelve pack 2x/wk to get lit in social circumstances, that’s problematic

I don’t drink on these occasions anymore, and through doing this I’ve found… People become really obnoxious during these social scenarios yet tend to be totally unaware of it

Then you have the crowd that combine alcohol + stimulants and that tends to create an even bigger asshole out of most comparative to booze alone, as if that was even possible lol

I have the same problem. My GF always tells me I have an addictive personality too. I downloaded this app a few months ago, an innocent game because a colleague said it would be fun to play against me. Soon everyone around me had it. One week later, nobody would play against me. Now months later the only one who has it, is me. I’m playing like 20 minutes a day and I know I can only delete it once I won a trophy.

To the drugs part, I managed to stop drinking altogether (besides 1-2 times a year). What’s interesting, I did LSD two times in my life. After the first time (it was great) I did not want to do it for about a year. After the second time, it’s been two years now and I’m thinking about doing it again some day but I don’t know if this year. The other guys said the same thing. It seems LSD is self-regulating. The guys I know who took it had a great time on it and after it was over everyone said “ok that’s enough for this year at least”. Very strange.

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You very seldom hear of excessive use patterns encompassing drugs like LSD, psilocybin, Mescaline, DMT etc. They’re generally considered to be the least addictive of the lot, but this doesn’t necessarily equate to something being safe. Set and setting is really important if you’re going to mess around with this stuff, should also have a sober person (who has used before) with you. @lordgains

As per the threads topic. I’d like to point out rec drugs/AAS doesn’t mix. Even the legal ones, you’re generally looking at a 1+1=5 scenario, stay away whilst on the sauce.

I like the Truly ones. They are 12 oz, 100 calories, and 5% ABV. looked on the box, and they have 1g of carb, with no other macros. I don’t have a problem with artificial sweeteners, which is what they are using to make them taste good (subjectively).

As to the alcohol discussion. In 1977 I got serious about competitive bodybuilding. I adopted an alcohol philosophy where I would “party” with my friends only on Friday’s and Saturday’s. And when I did, I “nursed” a single long neck beer the entire night. BTW, I actually began to appreciate lukewarm beer. But not so much as an ice cold one by any means.

I’ll drink a seltzer beer every once in a while, but usually I drink the lobes or a coors light. Calories and carbs are about the same and I’m not tempted to peak over the urinal divider whilst in public.


Took me a second there to get the second sentence lol.

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Yeah, well I’m still not getting it. So throw me a clue.

Basically, he is saying those girly seltzer drinks make one gay. Really, I wouldn’t care if others thought I was gay anyways (unless it was women I was interested in, but I am married anyways).


What? I’ve never heard anything remotely close to that. You’re much smarter than I, and I highly doubt you’re talking out of your ass, but blacking out from too much alcohol consumed is genetic? I find that very hard to believe.

i have never used alcohol nor do i know shit about it, but i can tell you from another perspective, that getting K.O’d is genetic tho… there are people whos brains respond differently to pain and shock - there are some fighters who are called “glass cannons” - they punch hard, but they fall as soon as they smell a glove near their face. And there are some guys who get knees to the face and just keep on getting up.
Since blacking out because of drinking is kind of the same protective reaction(our body tries to stop us from doing harmful activity, like drinking or getting punched in the face) i believe it could be true, because it is kind of the same thing, just the stimulus is different.

I’ve never blacked out either. I’ve got pretty f’ed up too back in my youth, but I’ve always been able to stay in control.

Genes appear to play a major role in whether a person experiences a blackout after heavy drinking, according to a new study from alcoholism researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia. Blackouts are periods of time that cannot be remembered later.

What is the definition of a black out? We always referred to a black out as still up and moving but absolutely zero recollection of anything that happened

I’ll comment because you linked me :smiley:

From an acute toxicity perspective, LSD is very safe. From a side effects perspective, it is relatively safe. Very rare to have severe psychological problems because of it, if done right. In my humble opinion, weed is less safe.

As you said, set + setting is important and dose. Don’t go higher than 100 ug the first time. That’s a good trip with the ability to pull out. At least for men of an average weight and height. As a disclaimer. Don’t mess around with large doses in the beginning, it can get uncomfortable. Don’t go out the first time. Don’t do any drugs if you have a family history of schizophrenia or feel mentally unstable.

I’m very interested in seeing how the clinical studies with LSD and psilocybin turn out. Could have therapeutical potential but I don’t think it will be a miracle. It increases openness, I don’t think that’s a good solution for much. But it will give us good clean studies on effects and side effects and therefore a better understanding on how to handle these drugs in the future.

Because the individual most likely to bypass the societal stigma of AAS/using needles is also likely to be an individual with a high proclivity towards experimentation and high risk behaviour.

Couple this with the fact many juice to look better naked and you’ve got a double whammy wherein the individual will consistently envelop themselves within environments where drug use and what not is very common (bars, clubs, music festivals etc).