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another hyperplasia question, sorry

right now i weigh 135, if i want to get in a higher weight class for powerlifting and i want to get up to 150 ,all fast twitch muscle gain, would hyperplasia(more muscle cells) or hypertrophy(bigger muscle cells) be better, which one would i get more strength out of? thanks for any help

I think it’s best just to direct your training according to what seems to best accomplish your goal, rather than identifying a possible mechanism and then trying to target that mechanism.

If you were to choose only one rep range
to train in – high or low – then I’d think
low reps would best accomplish your goal. But the best approach I think is to cycle your reps: working up from lighter weights and higher reps earlier in a training cycle, to
finally doing triples or even doubles at the end of the training cycle; and then repeating the process. Staying at one rep range always appears a less advantageous method.

Actually, this is a very good question. Unfortunately, I have no idea. I think the best idea would be to do biopsies of the lean powerlifters and then determine how their cells developed. It would be a casual relationship, but it would help answer the question. I ‘suspect’ that larger cells would have the advantage, because the main advantage of hyperplasia is good energy recovery. Powerlifting doesn’t need much energy recovery, so the stores of a large cell would be sufficient.