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Another HP Mass thread


Just researching the HP Mass program and Im seeing great reviews. The only thing that made me wonder was the seven days a week. Ive always wanted to lift everyday just always thought it was bad... People who have done HP Mass how do you like it and can you throw up a sample routine.. Just wondering what everyones looks like.


curious about it too


It's not really 7 days per week, the basic template is:

2 days mainly upper body pushing + some legs
2 days mainly legs + some upper body pushing
1 day upper body pulling

The other 2 days are just active rest.

But that's still a lot of work, basically four full body days per week, plus a back day! There aren't many other programmes out there that recommended that sort of frequency and volume. Although I like a lot of aspects of HP Mass, I'd be cautious about the recommended frequency and take into account that this site is funded by a supplement company that sells a comprehensive range of pre and post workout supplements. The more often people work out, the more they'll use of their product.


Yeah I didnt take the supp thing in to account. Thanks for the info


I ran out for a good 2 months and just started again this week. I have had no problem working out everyday, and alternated between 3 workouts

Day 1:

Standing military

Push press

Incline bench

Flat bench

Front squat or cleans

Day 2:

Back squat

Conventional deadlift

Hang snatch

Leg press (sometimes)

Day 3:

Upper body pulling




Whatever else is not sore.


I've done the full program several times through now with out use of Biotest supps. It works just fine. I would say that being very attentive to how you response to it is a must. If you start off with weights that are too heavy for the volume you will burn out FAST. If the Ego is in check then you may be suprised at how much work this program will let you do, with out feeling like you've done it!