Another “How Does This Cycle Sound” Thread

I know these get old, but I’d like a little confirmation before I take a leap. But first a little back story.

This will be my second cycle. The first didn’t turn out so well. After buying 2 vials of test e, tren a and being given 14 ampules of test base my supplier never received his next shipment which cut my cycle short and left me with no pct… but after a year I’m going to give it another go and make sure I have all gear before embarking. Some good did come from my first attempt and I did learn how my body reacted with test and tren which was pretty good. (Slight teen cough, mild insomnia and pip was kind of rough) but other than that my body loved it.

Now on to my plans for this cycle

500mg test e week 1-12
300mg tren a week 2-10
600mg eq week 8-12

Then a pct that a friend has recommended

Current body weight 165
Height 5’9”
Body fat is under 9%

My goal is to hit 180 lean off cycle and possibly 190 at the end.

Everything sound kosher or does anyone have suggestions before I move forward.

If you’re under 9% bf then what is the point of the tren? For most guys it’s not a great bulker and can mess with appetite a lot. You could absolutely make serious gains from the test and EQ without dealing with any tren sides.

What is the pct that your friend recommended?

The tren is for a combination of the feeling and it does help with lean muscle if you eat on it. I probably should have included that I’m 29 and plan on eating 3800-4000 cals a day.

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What is the PCT your friend recommended? If it is as bad as your cycles, you may need more help.


Why not give suggestions instead of downing?

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Drop the tren all together. Increase EQ to 16 weeks. AND describe PCT. You really seem to be avoiding that question. That will be a big indicator if you understand how important that is if people are going to provide good solid advice. They like to see you took the time to educate yourself to the process and not just shortcuts.

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Look I’m not against people using other AAS beside testosterone. But your 5’9 165 9%bf I don’t think is best suited for tren. I think a solid test, eq, and maybe tbol or adrol kick start would be a much better option for you.

No offense but stop letting friends reccomend shit. There is nothing wrong with getting suggestions etc like you are now but at the end of the day you should be educated enough to make an informed decision on what to do with you endocrine system. Also make sure you have your pct drugs in hand before starting.

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He is still waiting for the friends recommendation on those. He has avoided that question everytime. lol I am just going to show him where the TrT section is for when he is ready.
This way ----------->


Lol I never understood that when people say my friend told me to take x, y, z for this long then this now my dick is limp.

I can’t imagine ever just taking something because my friend reccomended it. I also don’t understand how people start cycles without all the gear or pct drugs on hand. Especially when dealing with illegal drugs. Its not like your milk in the fridge you can’t run to the grocery store and get more if you run out.

Altho thats a novel idea. Maybe one day I can scan a few vials of test and tren thru the self checkout at Harris teeter

i am making solid gains with just test and eq without any oral. amazing combination.

tren is good for people who are competing or professional.

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I apologize. I wasn’t avoiding the pct question I was on my way to work and in too big of a rush to pay attention. The pct plan is hcg @750iu for 12 days after last pin. Followed by Nolva 40/40/20/20/10/10. I will always be keeping Arimidex on hand and decide whether to take during cycle.

I’m here looking for advice, not criticism and when it comes to this stuff everyone has different opinions. I’ve read countless threads and articles saying test,tren, and eq was an amazing combination but wanted to see everyone’s opinion before I made any final decisions.

This is an extremely unwise idea. Unless you’re trying to get more in touch with your feminine side. In which case this will 7/10 help you achieve that goal.

But the Nolva part works fine, so I’d say just do that.

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So drop hcg on my post.

I’d still like a little more input on the test, tren, eq cycle vs a straight test, eq cycle.

i am on test , eq and tren cycle and i have dropped eq as its waste of time and money.

just do test and tren on moderate dosages and be sure not to abuse.

i am doing - 125mg test from 6th week and 250 mg tren. more then enough

Weren’t you just talking about how you were on 250mg test and 250mg eq and were loving it making great gains and everyone was crazy for telling you 250mg of eq was a waste of time and money.

And didn’t you say tren was for professionals only?

Im just asking what made you decide to drop the amazing eq and pick up tren mid cycle?

i reliazed that all strength gains and size was coming from test only and eq is just good for increasing rbc and for marathon runners. i got to know after 6 week on it.

tren is 5 times stronger then eq and low moderate dose of 200 mg tren is amazing and powerful.

so test and tren is now my fav combo and some anavar at the end.

but i won’t use tren more then 1 time a year and not exceed 200-300mg .