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Another Hot Teacher Busted For Student Sex

What the hell? Yeah yeah yeah – innocent until proven guilty…

Are you really telling me that this woman couldn’t find an acceptable guy in his 20s or 30s? Tell me there aren’t any guys in TN who wouldn’t have rocked her world?

Maybe she has a big, fat cock

Where to start, as one who was once a teacher…

Teaching has lost it’s Professionalism. It used to be a great job, with alot of respect. Today it’s not. Now more than ever the old addage “Those that can do, those that cant Teach” is stronger than ever.

When I went to college I couldnt believe the number of wanna-be teachers bearly passing or retaking courses that were easy compaired to organic chem, calc, physics etc. They were still cheering themselves on happy as shit that they got a “C”!

Then as things go, I found better employement through the private sector with better pay so I removed myself from teaching.

I also noted a study, about 10 years ago from Delaware where they compiled the teachers in that states graduating GPA from college and found it to be a 2.3! The AVERAGE was a 2.3!

Now teaching is looked at as a major you can still party hard and pass while you get summers off to do anything you want.

Also if you are politically right of center teaching is a hostile environment of which you dont want to choose.

The Best and brightest are going else ware because they are not challenged in college or they like the higher paycheck.

Colleges are no longer weeding out undesirable candidates for teaching by creating a tough hard program that only those with determination will pass. What we get are unprofessional candidates with an over developed self esteem who think they deserve something special as well as a high-order of respect because they are a teacher.

In reality what we, the community, get are a bunch of flunkies without a clue to the real world teaching our kids to be like them.

For those of you with kids in school you too have stories of teachers acting unprofessionally: My daughter had a teacher come to school after fighting with her husband. THe teacher then polled the class as to what he had to do to make up for the argument and she called him and told him about this in front of the class. Very professional!

Her Choir teacher made this staqtement last year to one of the girls in class “Judy you are singing to loud! You have to learn to lead like Clinton not Bush”

OR how about the sports coach that come in the gym after spending the afternoon at the bar, and tells the girls…“I’m to drunk to have practice for very long so we are just gonna run a couple drills so I can get back to my friends”

I live in one of the better parts of town with a high school that is by far not a poor district using out of date materials or equipment. They have everything they need and a surplus in funding. They havent build a house in more than 10 years that was less that $250,000 in this schools tax base. IF anyplace could atract the best and brightest it would be this school, and yet by the above you can see the lack of professionalism.

Disclaimer: Not all teachers are like this, There are many who are into the profession for the right reasons. These are not whom I speak of.

This one looked like she just came off her pole at Cheetah’s.

Damn! 28 counts. I live in the north part of Alabama. Thats close enough. I look young. I’ll tell her I’m 15.


She’s even hotter than the last one. I really do not get this at all – not that I don’t understand what the 13 year old got out of it. Can you imagine the high-fives he’s getting – every girlfriend he has for the rest of his life is going to hate that woman…

What grade would that put you in? 8th? I think I was more than pleased if I just got a make-out and a boob feel. Using the term “boob” very loosely here of course. Meaning the space on her chest where breasts would be had she developed them… But I digress.

Poor kid. Maybe she’s missing a leg… Or is just so annoying he’s the only one that’d listen?

Okay. She’s a creep ass.

What if it’s just a paedohile preying on a young kid?

If the gender were reversed, they’d be no mincing of words and the guy would be branded a paedophile for the rest of his life. Why is it different when the perpetrator is a woman?

Paedophilia seems to be a lot more prevalent in male subjects than in female ones; but for those rare females attracted to children, gravitating to jobs where they’re in conctact with a lot of kids makes sense. In the same way that males paedophiles will often be schoolbus drivers, school attendants, etc. Then, it’s just a matter of making friends with a kid and taking advantage.

Gravitating towards children because they themselves are children within? Either that or then men in their neck of the woods are just plain lousy.

Better her than Butch over there on the left…

Why didn’t I have any teachers like this in my school when I was growing up?!?!?!

I’d hit it!

The dance teacher at my old school was sooo hot. I would’ve banged her in a second. And noone would ever have known.

Noway i’d be stuffing that up!

A pedophile is somebody who molests children 12 or under.

[quote]John K wrote:
A pedophile is somebody who molests children 12 or under.


Under the age of consent*

Here in BC it’s fourteen, in most places in the states I think it’s 18.

I think guys don’t look down on acts such as this because well, we wish it would have happened to us!