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Another Homophobe Outed


Why is it that the most vocal anti-gay weirdos are raving homos?


It has me wondering about a lot of people on T-Nation. Come on guys stop fighting it, just come out.


That's like saying vocal opposition to the practice of beastiality, or child molestation, makes one a closet case.


No it's not like saying that at all. It is like saying that a lot of anti-gay weirdos are raving homosexuals.


And I'm sure there are people who verbalize their disdain for child-molestation in public, who later the same night could be found cruising the interweb for younguns. However, this says nothing in general about people who say they're repulsed by the child molester. If we're secretly that which we vocally object to, none of us could ever oppose anything. In short, the homophobe bit is tired and played out.


No, because beastiality and child molestation are against the law (and are recognised as mental health issues), and homosexuality is not. Funny though how they regularly get muddled up with the latter - sounds somehow just as crude as the OP's smirking remark. I think we should all stand above that kind of thing.



GCF - wow -I've seen some reasoning stretched beyond reason, but . . . wow . . .

Sloth - right on track - keep it up!


I see no logical problem with the obvious correlation between homophobia and homosexuality


The homophobe bit is not tired when hilarious stories like this crop up. Anyway I still disagree with you but surely we can both agree that this story is funny?


Here I was trying to make a light hearted post about some tool who keeps saying he had no idea a young guy he hired to go overseas with from rentboy.com was a prostitute and they did not have sex together.

This is funny isn't it?

Don't you worry homophobes, I am not suggesting that your bigoted, weird, religious views mean you are gay. You are all big strapping, muslim hating, american loving, hetero, gun-toting, misogynists and no one can take that away from you...

Unless of course you are a closet gay which is entirely possible.


Worth a bit of a chuckle maybe - I don't think it deserves a thread. Just look at the level of debate it will spark (the lowest possible) and you'll know why.


Edit: Oh, we've already reached it. What a shame.


As long as homos don't try to shit all over marriage AND they keep their perversions behind closed doors, I don't care at all what they do. Does that make me a homophobe?

I have 3 kids, married for 22 years, dearly love my wife, and have no desire whatsoever to cheat on her in any way. I have no inclination at all for any sort of gay stuff.


The issue I'm raising isn't even about homosexuality, child-molestation, or anything specific. I chose the example because few would take issue with denouncing child molestation. Though, I guess one might hesitate voicing dissaproval if doing so was 'proof' of one's closeted Chester-the-Molester persona.

"You know what they say, you spoke up against [enter whatever, I don't care], so you must be one. It's ok, come out of the closet."

I jokingly tease the anti-Christians by stating their rather vocal opposition to us is a form of self-denial. Closeted christians, if you will. Christianphobes.


If you have a newspaper story about a vocal anti-christian who secretly goes to church, says his prayers, gets caught getting baptised or taking communion or preaching the good word on the streets and then denies it with ridiculous excuses please put it up so we can all make fun of him.


Uh...Do I really need to post conversion stories? Honestly, GCF, not trying to be mean, but are you really disputing the existence of atheists-gone-converts? One of my favorite sci-fi authors (John C. Wright) was a vocal atheist until his conversion. And yes, many tentatively attend their first service. That's them way back there in the back pew, hoping noone recognizes them. Sometimes they're embarrased to tell family (they married another atheist), their circle of friends (how the heck are they going to discuss the problem of religion and the non-"brights", any more?!). Look, I think this was just a hasty request on your part. I do it to, often enough. No big deal.

But, you've still missed the point of my response to your original post.


sloth, youre retarded and obviously in the closet

pedophilia and homosexuality are not even in the same ballpark of sexual deviance and are categorically different.


Who said they're in the same ballpark? I've set aside the morality of either 'predisposition,' for the time being. Neither legality or morality were considered in the formulation of my response. They're non-factors. Are you a closeted homophobe? Does that help illustrate the absurdity of your insinuation? It's not a question of morality or legality. I'm questioning the worn out "I'm rubber you're glue" tactic.

And why insult another by calling him a retard? Why use their condition as a form of insult. Should they be ashamed of their condition? I mean, again, use them as a shaming stick. Sounds rather retardaphobic to me. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be a closeted retar...er, menatally challenged individual, would you?


A conversion is completely different to the scenario I put up and not nearly as funny as the original story I put up, so no please don't post any.

I have not missed your point i.e. vocally being against something does not make you that thing in every single case. Wow. Thanks for pointing that out to everyone, you have cleared a lot of things up because so many people here actually believed the opposite. Thanks Sloth.

Do you actually think that is what I was suggesting in my first post?


"It has me wondering about a lot of people on T-Nation. Come on guys stop fighting it, just come out."

Now, I admit, you could've been having a bit of fun at our expense. No problem there. I can take a good-humored jab, whatever, if this is the case. The problem is, that very argument IS used seriously. And rather often.


anyone who disagrees with OP is a homer.


Good post Sloth. We can agree then that anyone who does actually use this argument in a serious manner is an idiot.

This thread really didn't quite hit the dizzying heights of hilarity that I had hoped for. That's alright though I have another one lined one up about an outspoken anti-immigration Republican senator who is pregnant to his gay Mexican lover and became a synthol dosing closet Muslim after learning everything he needed to know about Islam from the back of a truck. I suspect he squats in the curling area of his gym too.