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Another Hip Shift in Squat Thread

The other thread seemed pretty interesting and I didn’t want to hijack it so thought I’d start one.

I tend to shift to the left when I squat. Just getting back into squating so thought it’d be good to focus on this before the weights get too heavy.

2nd vid to show range of motion, very limited in external rotation on the right but think I have a little more internal ROM on that side. R leg is also a little shorter and a little fatter than the L.

For stretching I’m leaning towards a modified pigeon pose. Been doing side steps and monster walks, thinking of adding single leg deads with an emphasis on stability and progressive ROM.

Other suggestions?

Just looking at the way your shirt hangs on your pelvis in the first vis it looks like your hips are not in alignment. Left looks higher than right. Have you been to a chiro?

Yes, currently just going once a month for maintenance. The right leg is bout 9mm shorter than the left so I’m not sure that a level pelvis is attainable. I do think I can at least address ROM and stability though

Pigeon pose for the Left side. Whatever you can do to loosen up and lengthen your tight peiriformis and Q.L on the Left side. Stretches, lacrosse ball, anything that you like.

Some kind of lunging, Hip Flexor/ adductor and Quad stretch on the right. Loosen and lengthen the right stuff in the front of you right thigh and hip so it doesn’t pull on your right psoas. And stop them from pulling your right ribs towards your right pelvis, twisting you up.

Internal Rotation work on your Left leg. I like Left Side Adductor Pull backs, laying on your right side so your off leg is “up” and working.

External Rotation work on your Right leg. I like Right side clamshells, laying on the left side so the right side is “up” and working. Imagine using your right side glutes “pull” your right leg “down” so your right hip is “extended” vs flexed and pretend this is making your right leg longer. Then “breathe into” your hip and lower back. Imagine your diaphragm pulling so low that your lungs expand all the way into your hip. Think about bracing for a squat, and focusing on that right side, just above your pelvis. Think about expanding and inflating that area as your breath. As you clamshell and externally rotate your hip imagine extending your hip, creating more room to breath deeper.


I like those cues for clams, gets a good co-contraction of max with medius which is what I’ll want when I have a bar on my back.

Stretching QL is probably a good idea too, pretty sure the xrays showed my spine is a little off center

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I had hip shift that lead to me being unable to squat which I eventually sorted. On-top of the corrective exercises already described, I also found that squats with a hip circle where you pause for 2 (or more) seconds and squeeze glutes hard at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and at the bottom in both directions are very helpful when you are warming up for the squat (two sets of 5).

Also make sure you have similar mobility in both ankles (measure how far you can get each knee over your foot in a lunge position, like this:)


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